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Incontinence Products
SleepDri Budget Underpads. 50/50 poly/cotton top cover is quilted to a highly absorbent poly/rayon soaker. Waterproof backing is PVC coated. 51/2 oz.
Helps eliminate odors and germs
Waterproof bottom layer and 3 layers of absorbent material for maximum protection.
4-Ply Quilted Reusable Bed Under Pad. Protects bedding, furni- ture and wheelchairs from moisture. Brushed nylon, quilted top layer wicks away moisture from skin. Waterproof bottom layer helps pre- vent leakage. Three layers of absorbent material provide maximum protection. Machine washable. 28” x 36”.
Item No.
23”x 36”
34” x 36”
With straps Without straps
CareFor Ultra Odor-Control Underpad Powered by HaloShield®. A major development in antimicrobial protection. The HaloShield eliminates odor, embarrassment and hassle. The germ and odor-killing power is renewed with every wash in chlorine bleach. Eliminates the embarrassing, unpleasant urine odors that result from incontinence, by killing 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria within ten minutes of contact with the HaloShield® underpad. Ultrasoft moisture-wicking top layer keeps users dry, while super- absorbent inner layer quickly traps fluids.
565117 32” x 36”
565148 36” x 54”
CareFor Deluxe Designer Print Reusable Underpads. Same construction as all of our CareFor Deluxe Underpads. The quilted design and three-layer construction will not ball or slip. The Stay-Dry top layer is brushed polyester with antibacterial, antifungal finish. Wicks fluid away from patient and inhibits bacterial growth. Waterproof binding prevents moisture from wicking over the edge. 565150 Green Plaid, 32” x 36”
565151 Floral, 23” x 36”

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