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Economy Male
Urinal. Molded from
clear plastic, this
urinal has a snap-on
lid and handle. The
long neck ensures the product is easy to use. Capacity is 33 ounces.
Baffle Spill-Proof Male Urinal.
Increases patient comfort, im- proves hygiene, helps caregivers and decreases laundry. Capacity: 32 oz. Attached lid with space for patient info. Ergonomic handle fits hospital bed rails. Graduation markings in oz. and ccs. Sturdy recyclable polyethylene.
Spill-proof Urinal.
An anti-reflux spout allows for spill-proof use — even if knocked over. Spout requires no cover. Ergonomic handle can be used
McGuire-Style Male Urinals. Features a unique design in one size that fits most.
A soft latex sheath snaps off for greater comfort and easy care. One-way valve prevents fluid return. Elastic waistband provides comfortable, secure fit. Entire unit is washable. 31/2”W x 13”L. 557354
to hang urinal on a
bed rail. Large, 32 oz.
capacity with volume
measurements marked
in raised graduations on container to measure output if needed. 6795 Male
557516 Female
081602184 Male, Pack of 3
UriBag®. For medical
patients as well as a
practical solution for
traveling or camping.
It can be stored in a
handbag or pocket
and used whenever,
wherever needed. The
female urinal is more
convenient than adapted toilets. Requires minimal privacy and may be used while sitting or standing. The male UriBag is also designed with convenience in mind. Compact storage tube with an efficient shape unlike standard hospital bottles which are bulky and conspic- uous. Light but durable with a snaplock seal that does not leak. Can be used discreetly, sealed, then emptied and washed later.
567021 Female
567022 Male
Spil-Pruf® Urinals. A specially designed spout prevents spilling and leaking once urine is in the storage container. Autoclave at 250°F. Each urinal holds
16 oz. liquid. Works best when used in sitting posi- tion. Perfect for bedside
use. Available in men’s or women’s models. 9”W x 3”D x 6”H. Blue color only.
557531 Male 557532 557531 557532 Female
Suspensory Male Urinal (deluxe waistband, sheath, and 20 oz. leg bag with adjustable latex straps)
Rubber Replacement Sheath for 557354
20 oz. Leg Bag and Connecting Tube with Straps
Urine Bottle Holder.
Machine washable canvas pouch attaches easily to bed or wheelchair. Keeps urinal discreetly stored within easy reach of patient or staff.
Fits any standard urinal. Urine bottle not included. 7”W x 111/2”L.
Carex Clear Bed Urinals.
Lightweight urinals angle for
use in several positions by
bedridden clients. Easy-to-grip,
sturdy handle. Ounces and cen-
timeters are imprinted for easy
visual reading and for measuring
without pouring. Durable poly-
ethylene is easy to clean. Female
urinal has 35 oz. capacity. Male
has 32 oz. capacity and a plastic
cap to contain odors. Includes Retail Packaging. 600501 Female
600601 Male 1288

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