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Mirrors & Catheterization
Bendable Diabetic Inspection Mirror.
Helps users inspect bottom of feet. Especially helpful for diabetics, but also aids those with limited mobility, arthritis, and users who have difficulty leaning forward. The mirror bends easily to those areas that are hard to see, and it stays in position while the user views the skin. Long, plastic shaft. Rectangular-shaped mirror is 41/2”L
x 31/4”W. 25” total length. One-handed operation.
Assists quadriplegics with catheterization
Deluxe lighted mirror with power zoom feature
Lighted Power Zoom Motorized Adjustable Magnification Mirror. Push-button power zoom adjusts magnifica- tion between 1x to 5x. Six-inch mirror is optical quality, unbreakable and fog free. Six-position, easy tilt control; wall mount- able. Operates with optional AC adapter and 3AA batteries (not included). Full face mirror view ideal for makeup application, close-up ideal for grooming.
Hands-Free Cathing Mirror. An acrylic mirror for intermittent self-catheterization— using both hands. 33” flexible hose can
be wrapped around the leg or thigh, and a 61/4” x 41/4” oblique shaped mirror enables user to see. Latex free.
Ideal for paraplegics, quadriplegics and those with limited hand dexterity
Catheter Inserter. Facilitates indepen- dent, intermittent catheterization for C6, C7 and C8 quadriplegics. Apply pressure to both handles to open spring clip. Release pressure to securely pinch catheterization tubing for easy insertion. Plastic-coated handle bends to adjust for individual hand size. Handle is blue or tan. Sorry, no color choice. Latex free.
Works well for self exam, dental hygiene or speech therapy
Clinic/Self-Cath Mirror. Adjustable acrylic mirror locks into any position for self-examination, catheterization, dental hy- giene or speech therapy. Acrylic 8”-square mirror on a free-standing 8” x 91/2” poly- ethylene base. Weighs 11/2 lbs. Latex free. 6225
Pant Holder.
Easy-to-use hook
holds trousers out
of the way for self-
Smooth end of clip
can be positioned
or secured under
the wheelchair
cushion, while the hook end attaches to pants waistband. Stainless steel. Latex free. 2031

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