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Raised Toilet Seats Toileting Homecraft SavanahTM Raised Toilet Seats
The world’s most comfortable raised toilet seat
Homecraft SavanahTM Raised Toilet Seat. Gentle downward slope toward the front makes getting on and off easier. Lightweight, all-plastic construction offers strength, durability and warmth. Fully sealed
unit cleans with a hard-
surface disinfectant. Two L-shaped molded-plastic brackets keep the raised seat firmly on the toilet. Can be adjusted to fit onto most sizes and shapes of toilets. Fitting and removing the seat is quick and easy. Overall: 133/4”W x 151/4”L, Bracket adjustment 12”–15”. Seat opening is 10.6” x 8”. Weight capacity: 420 lbs. AA2112    2” high at front
AA2114    4” high at front
Front and rear cut-outs for easier personal hygiene
Brackets secure seat to toilet
Contoured for superior comfort
AA2116    51/4” high at front
081632025 Replacement Brackets for Savanah - pk. of 2
4” high at front, pack of 5
Save $ money when you purchase the package of 5!
Homecraft SavanahTM Raised Toilet Seat with Lid. Includes
all the features of
the SavanahTM Raised
Toilet Seat (see above),
with the addition of
a molded-plastic lid
that enhances the ap-
pearance. Fits most
standard toilets.
Overall: 133/4”W x
151/4”L, including
brackets. Seat opening
is 10.6” x 8”. Supports
up to 420 lbs.
AA2112L    2” high at front AA2114L    4” high at front AA2116L    51/4” high at front
® Carex® Raised Toilet Seat. Simplifies sitting and standing for individuals with mobility difficul-
ties. Adds 5” to the height of toilet seat. Contoured seat is wider for added comfort. Max weight capacity: 300 lbs. Dimensions: 5” x 15” x 16”.

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