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Raised Toilet Seats Toileting
Carex® Hinged
Raised Toilet
Riser. Ideal for
users who want
to add height to
their existing toilet seat. This riser provides 31/2” more height to the toilet, making it easier for individuals with mobility difficulties to sit and stand. Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
® Carex® Elevated Toilet Seat. Adds 31/2” height to existing toilet seat.
Lightweight, durable polyethylene is easy to clean. Available in standard or elongated model. Easily installs using only a screw- driver. Weight capacity 300 lbs. Hardware included. Includes Retail Packaging. 678501 Standard: 131/4”W x 173/8”L x
31/2”H. Seat opening 9.75” x
678502 Elongated: 14”W x 193/8”L x
31/2”H. Seat opening 10.25” x 13.6”
Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat. Bolts onto toilet bowl with existing toilet seat cover with minimal change to the overall ap- pearance of the toilet. Elevates the seating position by 3” for easy sitting and rising. Made of two sections hinged together, which can be lifted for easy, hygenic cleaning. 300 lb. wt. capacity. Hardware included.
Round Elongated
4071 407101
Standard, 141/4”W x 171/2”L. Inside bowl measurements: 91/2”W x 111/4”L
Elongated, 143/4”W x 191/2”L. Inside bowl measurements: 93/4”W x 131/4”L
Elevated Toilet Seats (ETS) with Unique Open/Closed Front. Open front allows for easy access, but can be converted to a closed front with the separate filler piece (included). Durable plastic with high-quality finish won’t chip or rust and will last for years. Raises the toilet seat by 3”.
Basic Open Front ETS. Easy to install; no tools required. For standard or elongated toilets. Just sits on the top rim of toilet. 081504331
Secure Bolt ETS. Bolts onto the toilet for a safer, more permanent attachment. Uses a regular seat and lid so the toilet does not drastically alter the decor. For standard toilets only.
Filler piece included
Toilet Seat Riser. Add 23/4” height to a regular or elongated toilet seat. Attach it
in moments to the underside of the toilets existing seat, using a screwdriver and pliers. Wont shift. Sturdy white plastic supports up to 500 lbs. No odor or moisture absorption. Easy to clean. 3”H x 101/2”L. Latex free. 6850
Supports up to 500 pounds

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