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Right cutout
600 lb. weight capacity
Raised Toilet Seats
677701 Left cutout
16” 8”
Elevated Toilet
Wide Access Toilet Seat. For people who have difficulty with personal cleaning. This Seat offers the widest cut-aways in both the front and rear. Securely attaches to almost any toilet, without tools, by four adjustable fixing brackets. This 1-piece seat is comfort- able, contoured, with no joints or seams. 4” high. 161/2”W x 17”L. Internal diameter 83/4”W x 10”L. Front cutout: 8”. Back cutout: 111/4”. Supports up to 415 lbs. 557425
Seat. Assists those with post-surgical or traumatic injuries who
need an extended hip position. Designed with a gentle slope on one side, and a cutout on the other (either left or right). Raises the user an added 4”. Cutout degree of deflection 180°. Easy to install. Outside: 141/2”W x 16”L. Inside: 18”W x10”L. Weight capacity 300 lbs.
Prima Raised Toilet Seat. Easy to
use, hygienic and comfortable, the Prima makes rising and lowering so much easier for people with stiff or painful joints. A clean, white contoured seat fixes securely with two side adjusters. Lightweight, yet strong. The seat has front and rear cut outs for convenient personal hygiene. 15”W x 153/4”D. Weight capacity 415 lbs.
554939    2”H Seat
554940    4”H Seat
21/2” thick, padded seat for superb comfort
677701 Left cutout
677702 Right cutout
Two Piece Toilet Riser.
Big John Toilet Seat. “Luxurious first class seating” features a larger, more com- fortable opening and roomier contoured sitting surface than any other toilet seat
on the market. Made of the highest grade antimicrobial plastic that is resistant to stain and chemicals. One size fits all on both round and elongated toilet bowls. Stabilizing rubber bumpers literally grip the porcelain to prevent unwanted shifting. Outside dimen- sions 19” front to back and side to side. Inside dimensions 111/2” front to back 83/4” side to side. Height to seat 23/8”.
Gives greater independence to post-surgery patients as well as the elderly and physically challenged. The two-piece design leaves the front and back open to simplify personal hygiene. The riser fits on most toilet seats, and raises the sitting surface a total of 4”, including the seat. The sealed urethane foam provides stability and makes it easy to clean. Handy carrying case is included. 081579200
High Rise Soft Touch Seat. Vinyl- covered padded toilet seat and lid. Seat
has 21/2” of padding for increased comfort while sitting. Attaches directly to toilet bowl using the bolts from the original toilet seat. Seat only fits standard toilet seats. Seat is 131/2”W x 15”D. Opening is 8”W x 10”D. Weight capacity 250 lbs.
Carrying case included

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