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Flexible Sock & Stocking Aids ADL
Nylon lining reduces friction
Slits conform to heel
Loop handles are easy to grasp
Nonslip terry cloth holds sock
Flexible Sock and Stocking Aid. The two long 281/2” loop handles are perfect for those with limited hand function or back problems. Flexible plastic core makes it easy to slip sock onto trough. Lined with nylon to reduce friction. Outside is covered with terry cloth to prevent sock from slipping. Also available with metal garter clips to hold up socks and stockings. Latex free.
2087 Flexible Sock & Stocking Aid
081519024 Flexible Sock/Stocking Aid - Pack of 20, 2087
567056 Flat Flexible Sock and Stocking Aid 555398 Flexible Sock and Stocking Aid with Garter
See page 1325 for leg lifters.
Homecraft Stocking Aid. Side notches hold sock securely. Features separate strap ends to help pull stocking into position efficiently. Flexible plastic gutter. Straps are 36” long. Gutter length is 9”.
AA4650 Contoured AA4652 Notched
Flexible Sock
Aid with Foam
Provides a large-
diameter surface
for those with
limited grasp
due to arthritis.
Flexible plastic
sock aid is lined
with nylon fabric
on the inside that allows the foot to “slide” into the sock. Terrycloth outer cover provides a nonslip resistance to the sock, which helps prevent the sock from slipping off the sock aid before it’s snug. One-handed use is possible with this sock aid.
081602226 Pack of 5
Folding Stocking Aid. The folding sidewings combine the benefits of both a flat stocking aid and a hard gutter-shape. When both
side wings are folded, its extremely easy to slide the stocking aid into the stocking. The side wings have large hook areas to grip the stocking as it is being pulled up the leg. The center panel has raised slide strips to reduce friction on the heel. The outside edges protect against snagging and runs. The tip acts as a long shoehorn to reduce bending when putting on shoes.
Easy grip built-up foam handles
Etac Folding Stocking Aid. A lightweight, foldable Swedish aid for long or short stockings, slippers or socks. Client slips sock or stocking over fabric frame, inserts foot, and pulls cord handle to raise stocking. Requires two hands to use. Latex free.

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