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Premium/Compression Sock & Stocking Aids ADL
Homecraft Stocking Donner.
Extra long handles enable easy application of stockings and socks. The handles rotate 90°, creating a more comfortable posi- tion for the user while applying the stockings. The central column holds the stocking and has a small ridge that prevents move- ment during application. Epoxy coated for a smoother surface that reduces the risk of snagging. Overall 8”W x 22”H. Foot insert 5”W x 31/2”D x 8”H.
Extra wide cone – ideal for people with edema and larger feet
Sock-EEZ makes removing difficult socks and compres- sion socks easier
Deluxe Heel GuideTM Compression Stocking Aid. Unique indented channel inside the cone acts as a heel guide and keeps the foot in perfect position while effortlessly pulling on the compres-
sions hose. 5” wide cone is ideal for people with edema or larger feet. Sturdy handles are 17”H to reduce bending and stretching. Three grips accommodate dif- ferent hand sizes. Easy to assemble and take apart for travel.
Sock-EEZTM Remover. Simplifies re- moval of compression socks and doesn’t strain a muscle. The smooth design does not harm the legs or stocking. The hand always stays in a neutral position to maximize arm strength. Polycarbonate plastic with textured handle for better grip and wrist lanyard. 20” long. Ideal for athletic socks, knee-highs and tra- ditional dress socks! Can be used as a shoehorn.
Our Popular Stocking Donner. Designed to help individuals with limited strength and mobility pull on vascular stockings. Foam grip handles make it easy to pull and a du- rable baked epoxy finish provides a smooth, no-snag surface. Measures 13”W x 131/2”H between handles and 41/4”W foot insert. Latex free.
Deluxe Easy On-
Easy-Off Sock Aid.
The plastic molded Sock-Aid holds the sock open after it has been placed on the plastic form. Then the foot is pushed into the sock opening. As you push your foot forward, the Sock-Aid tilts to allow easy entry. The Easy-Off Sock Doffer is used to push your sock off. With the use of your feet, you can tilt the Doffer to put your sock within reach. It can be used to remove light compression garments as well. Kit includes sock-aid and sock doffer. 081573286 Easy-On-Easy Off Kit 081573294 Easy-Off Doffer Only

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