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Dressing Aids/Shoehorns ADL
The Dressing Solution. Combines two functions in one aid — dressing stick and shoehorn. One end has a high-strength plastic push-pull S-hook that retrieves clothing or other items. The other end is a long-handled shoe- horn. Thick, easy to hold, closed-cell foam grip covers entire shaft. Measures 26” long. Weighs 5 oz. Latex free.
Deluxe Dressing Stick/Sock Aid. Ideal for hip surgery clients to put on socks, stockings or other clothing. Normal hand function is necessary for fastening garter clips and manipulating socks. Garters are positioned so
they release by a simple downward push. Includes circular hand guards for better grip and plastic push-pull hook at the end to retrieve clothing or other objects. Lacquered wood shafts measure 5/8” diameter, 34” long. Package of two. Latex free.
Dressing Stick/Sock Aid. Lightweight reacher/dressing stick features a small C-hook at one end and a large, plastic-coated push/pull hook at the other. Weighs less than 5 oz. Shaft measures 26” long. Deluxe model has a built-up foam grip on its shaft. Latex free.
2108 Built Up Grip Dressing Stick
2109 Economy Dressing Stick 26” long 210925 Economy Dressing Stick Package/25
“C” hooks
Extra Long Dressing Stick. 36”-long dressing stick helps reduce bending at the hip when ad- ditional length is needed. Large reinforced hook aids in dressing and undressing. Hip Stick can also be used to pull or push objects. Wooden shaft with lacquer coating. 5/8” diameter. 36” long. A698400
Circular hand guards for better grip
Built up grip for easy han- dling
2108 2109
Garter clip releases with a simple push downward
Dressing Stick/Shoehorn – Plastic. Features a specially angled large hook that holds and pulls clothing without the clothing slip- ping. Two “pushers” are ideal for removing shoes and clothing. The long shoehorn has a notch that makes it easier to remove socks. 24” long. Stick/Shoehorn may also be used for:
• Pushing and pulling drawers,
doors, wheelchairs and other items
• Retrieving clothing from beds, chairs,
floors and closets
• Turning light switches on and off 081499185
Steel Shoehorn. Slip into shoes without bending, bruising heels or crushing backs of shoes. Hanger hole for storage. 24” long. White, epoxy-coated steel construction. 081533850
Deluxe Dressing Stick. Assists in ap- plying and removing clothing. 5/8”-diameter wooden dowel. Finished with lacquer with reinforced hook. Can also be used to push or pull objects.
A69820 19” Long
(for small adults or adolescents)
A6983 26” Long
(for most adults)
081519057 26” Long
Dlx Dressing Stick-Pack of 15
Save $ money when you purchase pack of 15!
Good Grips® Shoehorn. Offers an ex- tended reach and a secure, cushioned grip. The built-up handle is made of a latex-free, rubber-like material and features flexible ribbing that adapts to any grip. The textured surface prevents the foot from sticking to the shoehorn, helping it slide easily into the shoe. Handle diameter is 11/2”.
567062 18”
Shoehorns. Plastic design makes it easier for the user to put on shoes. It provides
a smooth surface for the foot and heel
to move on. Also reduces bending and straining because of the user’s lack of mobility.
081565308 Blue - 11.5” 081565316 Red - 19.5”

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