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Therafin E-Z Slide Shoehorn. Coated steel shaft prevents shoe- horn from sticking to the skin or clothing. 6” nonslip red plastic handle. Minimal curve makes insertion and removal simple. A71519 12” long
A7151 18” long
A7152 24” long
081506682 24” long-Pack of 20
A71521 30” long
Save $ money when you purchase a pack of 20!
Therafin Foam-Handled Shoehorn. Same surface coating as the E-Z Slide style but with a 4” black foam handle for comfortable grip. A71551 18” long
A71552 24” long
Telescoping Shoehorn. Provides reach for those who have difficulty bending and putting on shoes. Sturdy, lightweight aluminum and plastic components. Adjustable in length
from 23” to 35”. The handle end has a hole for hanging the shoehorn when not in use. Easy to carry and store. 081565522
Virtually Unbreakable Shoehorn. Plastic shoe- horn is 31”L and has a curved hand grip to make grasping easy. It can be bent and folded to fit inside a travel bag or suitcase. Available in Black only. 566382
Metallic Colored Plastic Shoehorn.
Economical shoehorn with a curved hand grip for easier grasping. Includes wrist strap. Length is approximately 20”. Sorry, no color choice.
Adjusts from 23”–35”
Can be bent or folded for storage
Save $ money when you purchase the pack of 10!
ADL Shoehorns A7153
Plastic Shoehorn. The durable and light- weight plastic shoehorn is ideal for use following a total hip replacement. The 161/2” blue shoehorn features a handle with hanging hole, while the 17”and 24” curved handle style provides a secure grip..
A7153 161/2” Plastic shoehorn with hang hole, Blue
081611136 17” Plastic curved shoehorn, Blue
927406 24” Plastic curved shoehorn, White
Shoehorn with T Handle.
Unique “T” shaped handle allows the wrist to remain in a neutral position while putting on shoes. Eliminates the need for rotating the wrist. Ideal for people with arthritis, limited wrist move- ment or any other hand limitation. 191/2” length also makes it useful for people who have trouble bending. 555349
Handle Shoehorn.
Oval-shaped handle of
soft built-up foam measures
11/8” x 15/8”, making this stainless-steel shoehorn easy to grasp. Nylon hang-up loop can also be placed around wrist to secure shoehorn during use. Latex free. 2067 18”
2068 24”
Spring-Action Shoehorn. This light- weight metal shoehorn has an easy-to-bend spring on the horn for better positioning. Nonskid handle has hang-up loop. Measures 231/2”L.
Stainless-Steel Shoehorn/Sock Aids. Durable shoehorns feature a plastic hand grip with a curved hook for pulling up socks and garments. Latex free.
2061 18”
2064 24” 081536218 24”-Pack of 10 2062 30”

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