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Sammons Preston AFO Assist®. The only AFO (ankle foot orthosis) donning aid on the market, Sammons Preston AFO Assist®
is designed to restore dressing independence by facilitating one-handed donning of an AFO and shoe. Designed by an Occupational Therapist, it’s lightweight, easy-to-use and recommended by doctors, therapists, allied health professionals and patients. Made in USA. 7100461
Length of Handles
Width of Foot Insert
Width Between Handles
ADL Premium/Compression Sock & Stocking Aids
209501 209502
Sock Donners. Choose from two models for the assistance you need in putting on socks, compression or regular stockings and pantyhose. These sturdy steel donners are coated with smooth plastic to eliminate snags and make sure items slide on easily. The socks or stockings are simply stretched over the column and toes inserted. By pulling on the handles, the user draws the sock all the way on. Latex free.
209501 The Single Ezy
209502 The Double Ezy
Assure Stocking Butler. Enables patients with limited mobility to easily and correctly don compression stock- ings from a sitting position. Excellent
for personal use at home, while traveling, or in care facilities. Features a wipe-clean surface for easy sanitation and shared use. Available in two size op- tions, Small/Medium accommodates calf sizes 16” and smaller. Large/XL is for calf sizes over 16”. 7100235 Assure Butler Small/Medium
7100236 Big Butler Large/XL

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