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Grooming Accessories ADL
Features extra
wide and long base for stability and leverage.
Helps people with limited movement.
Long-Handle Toenail Clippers. 18” long toenail clipper. Effective device for people with limited movement. Trigger action gives increased leverage for cutting, clips thick toenails with ease. Use with right or left hand. Latex free.
Press-OnTM One-Handed Nail Clipper.
Strong and durable nail clipper can be used with only one hand. Gentle pressure on the lever easily clips nails. Non-skid bumpers prevent it from sliding.
One-Handed Nail Care.
Designed for people with weak grasp or use of only one hand. Deluxe model has durable base with pivoting nail clipper. Arched ramp ac- commodates different finger thicknesses. Replaceable emery boards secured by thumb screws both horizon- tally and vertically. Economy model has heavy-duty clipper and attached strip
of filing paper. Both models secure to table top with suc- tion cups.
Suction Brush. Two large suction cups “hold” the brush so patient can scrub nails and hand. Nylon bristles set in durable plastic.
4”W x 2”D. Latex free. 6047
Suction cups help secure clippers to table top.
Nail & Toenail Clipper. The curved handle makes the clipper easier to grip. The wide back doesn’t require as much pressure to cut the nail. The front is narrower with slanted metal blades to produce a clean
cut without jagged edges. Near the front is a groove for the finger that provides more control. Works well on ingrown and thick nails. Red acrylic handle and base. 081606433 Nail Clipper
081606458 Toenail Clipper (not shown)
Nail Care
Combo. Nail
file and clipper
set is designed
for people who
cant grasp
or use small
The nail care
items are mounted on a smoke-colored, Plexiglas® base with non-skid feet. The stainless steel trimmer clips nails with a simple push of a lever. An emery board
is held rigidly in a spring clip for easy, one-handed nail filing. Two emery boards are included.
Smoother. Use
to smooth sides
and bottom of
feet. The stain-
less steel side is
a coarse scraper
to help you
effortlessly re-
move dead/dry
skin and reduce
tough calluses/
thick skin. The
fine side lets
you buff skin, making it soft and smooth to the touch. The strong plastic handle is slightly curved making it easy to reach all areas of the foot.
Deluxe One-Handed Nail Care Economy One-Handed Nail Care

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