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Universal Holder.
Made of cushioned cy- lindrical foam, this cuff securely holds utensils, grooming aids and writing instruments with various handle sizes and shapes. D-ring strap allows independent don- ning and doffing. The elastic strap can stretch to accommodate hands of all sizes. One size fits all. 11/4”D x 41/4”L. 557499
Also holds utensils, writing instruments and grooming aids.
Pediatric Plastic Base Utensil Holder. Great for little hands at the dinner table. Utensil not included. BPA, Phthalates and Latex free.
• Half cone-shaped base makes eating easier by angling the utensil away from palm
• Washable nylon and plastic
• Weighted untensil available
081605740 Weighted version of 1371
Oral Care ADL
For one-handed cleaning of dentures
Suction Denture Brush. Base is molded of high-impact styrene. Two strong suction cups firmly hold brush for one-handed cleaning of dentures. Easy to clean. Latex free. 6338
Adult Toothbrushes. Available in a package of eight assorted colors as shown. The bristles are soft .007”, polished and end- rounded for gentle cleaning of gums and tooth enamel. Designed with an easy-to-hold handle with contoured grip and a tapered head for hard-to-reach areas. 72 per box.
Use for ointments, toothpaste, lubricants
Easy Out Tube Squeezer. Easily squeezes tubes flat from the bottom up, making
it perfect for one-handed use. A unique feature allows the last drop to be squeezed from the nozzle after the tube has been ex- pelled up to the collar. Ideal for toothpaste, lotions, salves, silicones and other house- hold products. Package of 2.
Save money and reduce waste of toothpaste, ointments or lubricants.
Tube Squeezer. Easy squeezing and less waste with the turn of a key. Assists in dispensing tooth-paste, hand cream, or contents of any tube up to 2” wide. Slide base of tube into groove and turn the key to squeeze out contents. Plastic shell is 21/4” round and 13/4” high. Latex free. 334701
Toothpaste Dispenser. Countertop dis- penser makes it easy to put correct amount of toothpaste on brush. Just align tooth- brush with guide under nozzle and press long lever down with hand or arm. Accepts a 4.3 or 4.6 oz. stand-up pump style can- ister. White plastic. Latex free.
Package of 2

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