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Carex® Day-Light Classic Plus. Clinical bright light therapy lamp meets all expert requirements for therapeutic use. Safe, natural and effective, it projects 10,000 LUX of glare-free
white light at 12” for maximum therapeutic benefit. 99.3% UV blocked for eye safety. Angle- and height-adjustable for easy use. 283⁄4”H x 153⁄4”W x 121⁄4”D.
® SunLite Therapy Lamp. This lamp is designed for those who are experiencing mild to moderate symptoms due to light deficiency. Quick-change
bulbs for “no tool” maintenance. 99.3% UV-filtered for safety. Lightweight at 3.25 lbs. for portability.
Heaters / Fans / Light Therapy ADL
Honeywell® Turbo Force Air Circulator. Use as a fan for intense cooling or as a whole room air circu- lator. Whole room cooling for large rooms. 25% quieter than similar models. Variable tilt fan head pivots up to 90°. Easy to use top mounted controls with
3 speeds.
Honeywell® EnergySmart Ceramic Heater. Features touch button controls. Digital display communicates heater set- tings. 3 heat settings. Programmable thermostat maintains desired temperature. 1-12 hr. auto shut-off timer. 3 prong grounded plug. Silent heating. Wide, stable base. Durable, rust-free enamel finish. 081602002
Honeywell® Electric Radiator Heater. Features wide stable base and touch-button controls. Digital display communicates the three heater settings. Power ON light. One to 12 hours auto shut-off timer. Heavy-gauge steel. 081601996

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