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Medication Supplies ADL
All Carex products on this page are in retail packaging
Large lettering for low vision
Medi-Planner. Organizes medication for an entire week and accommodates dosage schedules for those needing medication up to 4 times a day. Easy- opening lids are labeled in Braille. Large lettering for those with visual impair- ments. Contains 28 compartments, each 1” square. Measures 83/4”L x 53/4”W x 1”D overall. Latex free. Assorted colors. 345802
Apex 7-Day Medi Planner.
Labeled Morn, Noon, Eve and Bed. Helps patients stay on track with daily medication. 85/16” x 55/8” x 11/2”.
081506757 Package of 5
Save $ money when you purchase a
pack of 5!
Pocket Med Pack with 7-Day Tray.
Seven daily pill boxes snap shut securely. Provides medication organization for
an entire week or daily needs. Weekly organizer tray included. Each pill box can hold up to 50 pills. Measures 8.875” x 4.625” x 2.375”.
Ultra Bubble-Lok XL 7-Day Pill Organizer. Seven extra-large pill com- partments for weekly organization. Pill compartments are contoured for easier pill removal. Unique, easy-open design offers secure storage. Size: 8.875” x 4.625” x 2.375”.
Apex XXL AM/PM Weekly Pill Organizer. Large letters make it extra easy to read. 10” x 17/8” x 11/4”. 559150
Apex Medi ChestTM. Organize medica- tions for a full 7 days! The chest has raised lettering and 4 tabbed compart- ments for each day. Morning, Noon, Eve and Bed. 67/8” x 41/2” x 7/8”.
Apex Twice-a-Day Weekly Pill Organizer. Fills the need for increase in 2x per day dosing regimens. Large com- partments with contoured walls for easy pill removal. AM/PM color band for sight impaired. 71/4” x 4” x 11/4”.
Medication Station. An easy, reli-
able solution to help organize your
medication needs all in one place. Parts
are removable for traveling or cleaning.
Two seven-day medication organizers with
Bubble-Lok technology allow you to simply open compartments with the push of a thumb. One Ultra
Pill Splitter with blade guard for safety and a nonslip base to hold everything together. 7.5”H x 5”W x 1.5”D. 081597749
Combines convenient storage and pill splitter at one low price

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