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ADL Medication Supplies & Eye Drop Aid
Pill Crusher & Pouches. The
Powerhouse crusher will turn even
the hardest pills into easy-to-consume powder. It conveniently handles several
pills at once. Handle remains upright for easier, convenient one-handed loading
of pouches into the open crushing area, which is large and easily accessible for cleaning to prevent cross contamination. Each crusher comes with 50 pouches in
the handy dispenser tray built into the base. 081621200 Pill Crusher
081621218 Pill Crusher Pouches
MedichestTM - Large. Securely hold large daily pill containers
to help maintain a Morning, Noon, Evening and Bed medica- tion regimen with this 7-Day tray. Easily removable individual dayplanners makes it convenient to carry your daily medication regimen wherever you go. Easy-to-open, extra large compartments hold vitamins and medica- tions. Braille markings and raised letters are featured for the
sight impaired.
MedCenterTM Talking One-Month
Medication Organizer. The
MedCenterTM System was designed
by two sons to ensure that their
father took his medication regu-
larly. He is doing so now and you
will, too, when you use this system.
Thirty-one individual boxes—each
with four pill compartments—sit in a frame. In
the beginning of the month you can put the pills into each compartment. Each day take out the box corresponding to that day. The talking combi- nation pill reminder timer with four alarms and talking clock either beeps or speaks, “Please take your pills,” when the alarm goes off. Setting the alarms and time is straightforward and there is voice guidance. Entire unit measures about 7.5” x 7.25” x 10”. Uses two “AA” batteries (included). 081510817
Med-E-Lert. Helps to en- sure that medications are taken properly and on time. It’s a fully automatic Pill Dispenser that’s simple to use, easy to set up and lock- able with key. Long duration buzzer sounds continuously until the pills are removed. Holds one week’s supply of pills – up to four times per day. Twenty-eight (28) com- partments can hold up to 18 aspirin-size pills. Low battery alert; tamper-proof. 081532738
Multi-Med Organizer. Compact, clear plastic organizer helps user take medications, vitamins, etc. every day of the week at the correct times. Pills or tablets store in seven labeled daily organizers, each divided into four compartments marked Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Bed. Has easy-access angled lids and includes a helpful weekly medication schedule. Measures 33/8”W x 75/8”L x 15/16”D. Latex free.
Autodrop® Eye Drop Guide.
Holds the eye open and directs the drops, allowing for accurate eye- drop installation! Clips into place and positions the bottle at the cor- rect angle over the eye. Special cup prevents blinking by keeping the lower eyelid open. Unique pinhole directs eyesight upward and away from the descending drops. 555741

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