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ADL Low Vision
PROP-IT® Hands-Free Reading Aids. Conveniently portable and light- weight (each PROP-IT item weighs less than one pound), these hands-free designs are essential “aids to daily living” that also function as useful desk accessories for professionals. Made of durable plastic, the Bookrest & Copyholder has movable extensions on the front which can support 11” x 17” sheets, while an elastic band keeps books opened. Collapses flat to 8” x 11”. The Magnifier features a patent-pending hands-free, page-size magnifier and includes an easy-to-attach metal stand and storage case. Collapses flat to 11” x 8”. May be used alone or ideally, in combination with the PROP-IT portable Bookrest & Copyholder. 081694702 Magnifier
081694710 Bookrest & Copyholder
Features 4 LED lights for easier viewing.
Deluxe Page Size Magnifier with Light.
When legs are out, you can read without holding the lens. Push the legs in and use the cord to hold the lens on your chest as you do handiwork or read underneath it. 4 LED bulbs brighten
the viewing area. Uses 3 AAA batteries
(not included). 2x magnification. Dimensions 71/2” x 101/2”.
2.5x with 6x bifocal and large viewing area
5” Lighted Magnifier. It’s great for readers, crafters or anyone who needs major magnification. Full view 2.5x power lens with 6x bifocal. Handle is 5”L. Uses two AA batteries (not included). 555793
Full Page Rigid Magnifier. Unlike regular magnifiers that enlarge images because they are curved, full page magnifiers are flat sheets with multiple small ridges that cumulatively mag- nify. Each ridge produces a separate magnifying field that overlaps with the adjoining one. Useful for enlarging broader areas such as pages, or even TV and computer monitors. Magnification power is 2x. Dimensions 11” x 81/2”.
2X Hands Free Desk/Computer Magnifier. This large 7” x 10” fresnel magnifier attaches to the end of an articulated, flexible arm. Then place it over most anything you want to magnify—a book, writing pad, computer monitor, etc. The sturdy base holds the arm and magnifier wherever you place it without tipping. Practically doubles the image or text being viewed.

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