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ADL Low Vision / Hearing
Picture Care Phone and Parallel Dialer. Put a photo of the 10 most fre- quently called people on the phone and program their numbers. Then the next time you want to call them, just push the photocall button and the picture. Parallel Dialing lets you attach a second phone to dial by numbers. Red 911 call button. Flash button for call waiting. Last number redial. Memory/speed dials are backed up without batteries! 081621580
Serene Amplified Speakerphone. This is the first photo memory amplified phone to offer High- Definition Sound Technology for un-matched voice clarity, making every word vividly sharp, clear and easy to understand, all virtually without any distor- tion, echo or squealing commonly found in other amplified phones. This telephone-line powered HD-40P (no AC adapter required) amplifies the incoming sound up to 20 times louder; it is ideal for people with mild to moderate hearing loss
and for those who want the convenience of photo memory dialing.
Brailled Large Button Cordless Phone – 2.4 GHz. Features include 40-channel auto scan; 10-number memory; handset page/locator; hearing aid compatibility, and handset receiver volume control 15 dB gain. The phone has a lighted keypad; extra loud ringer; visual ring indicator; handset vibration on incoming ring, and a back-lit LCD display.
Phone Pal Phone Holder.
Works with any trimline
phone that has the keypad
on the receiver. Can be
used on electric razors and deodorant sticks. Attaches
easily using hook and loop straps. Two holders per pack. 081554708 Black
081534031 White
Photo Phone. Enables individuals with cog- nitive deficits or functional hand problems to dial the nine most commonly called phone numbers. User simply presses a “photo memory” button that measures 3/4”H x 1”W. An adjustable amplifier makes calls 10 times (20+ dB) louder. An adjustable loud ringer and bright flash announce incoming calls. Includes a hearing aid, T-coil compat- ible handset, redial, hold and flash buttons. Large, easy-read buttons. Latex free. 920386
Great low price
Brailled Speakerphone. Large numbers are raised and have accompanying Braille. Emergency buttons are clearly marked. 564216
2 per pack. Great value!
Universal Holder. Use
to assist in manipulation
of a variety of everyday
objects: just wrap the
hook & loop closure
around the desired object for a secure grip. Great for use with a phone, deodorant, brush, walker and more. The plastic- covered metal frame can be bent to fit any size hand.
Jumbo Size Braille Phone. High- contrast, jumbo-size buttons allow user to dial quickly. An electronic voice calls out each number when dialing. Features 10 programmable memory buttons that announce
the telephone number being called
and three one-touch programmable emergency buttons with Braille char- acters. Individuals can record their
own announcements for numbers and emergency buttons. Adjustable am- plification makes calls up to 70 times (35+ dB) louder. Bright ring flasher and adjustable 95+ dB ringer alert users
to incoming calls. Requires four AA batteries (not included). 23/4” x 91/4” x 71/4”. Weighs 2.52 lbs. Latex free. 920457

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