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Freedom Alert. The miniature pendant allows the user to quickly contact friends and family at the push of a button. Water resistant and voice prompted, it provides an- nouncements during set-up, testing, battery test and full system check. Standby Emergency Battery Power consists of four rechargeable bat- teries that continually charge in
the base station to provide up to 24 hours of standby power. Fully portable. Plug it into any standard phone jack, and you are protected. Simple set-up.
ADL Household Helpers / Emergency Response System Affordable personal emergency
response system.
No monitoring fees, service charges or contracts.
Guardian Alert 911. Enables user to call “911” in an emergency situation and speak directly to the operator through the pendant, which can be worn around the neck, clipped on a belt or carried in a pocket. To avoid accidental activation, the button is recessed and must be depressed for a minimum of one-half second to turn on the phone. Operates on one AAA battery (included).
564116 Guardian Alert 911 564117 Battery Backup
Object Locator. Help keep track of those items that like to wander. Attach the color-coded receiver to a wandering item using either a keychain ring or sticky tape. Press the corre- sponding button on the transmitter pager and the receiver will emit a high-pitched beeping pattern. Receivers measure 2” x 1” x .4”. Set contains 3 receivers and 1 transmitter/pager. 30-foot range.

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