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Comfortable contoured handle for easier positioning
Homecraft Key Turners. Keys fold into handle when not in use. Key Turner 1 securely holds one key, by a screw. Key Turner 2 holds two keys, and includes a tightening lever that keeps keys in posi- tion and simplifies adding or removing keys. Position keys separately for use, or lock them into handle. Latex free. AA6240 Key Turner 1
AA6242 Key Turner 2
ADL Key Turning Aids Secure grip handle
Hole-In-One Key
Holder. Allows users to grasp the holder around the outside, or
slip fingers through the hollow center for added leverage in turning. House keys and most car keys (without plastic head covers) fit into the slots, held by a single screw. Holds 1 or 2 keys. Keys fold into handle when not in use. 5” long. Latex free. 6053
One Key Holder/
Turner. Neon yellow for visibility. Improves both grip and turning leverage when using a key. The key
is secured to the turner with a binding post. The handle has two large finger holes for extra control.
EZ-Key Turner. Triples
Comfort Grip 2-Key Turner. Similar in design to standard key turners, but better looking and easier to use. Supplied with a comfort grip over molding to provide addi- tional grip and leverage when turning. 081569789
Key Holder. For two or four keys, this practical key holder ends the struggle of turning keys in locks by providing a rigid handle for leverage. Keys fold back into the plastic holder when not in use. Neon yellow color helps when searching for keys.
31/2” x 1”.
564241 2 Key Holder 564243 4 Key Holder
Key Lever. Helps position key for max- imum leverage to work the most stubborn lock. Holds up to 3 keys on center position. To add or remove keys, just slip pencils through handle holes and twist each side to easily screw on or off. Each side is 11/2” long. 1/2” diameter. Latex free.
the leverage supplied by the average key head. Ideal for people
with temporarily or permanently diminished strength. Easy to find in a pocket or purse. Different colors aid in key/lock identifica- tion. Package of 2. Latex free.
Adjustable Key Holder. Plastic frame features adjustable tension, so position of keys can be held at the most comfortable angle. Leather hand loop holds up to five keys. Latex free.
6513 1350
Holds up to 10 keys.
Dumbbell Key Holder. Handy acces- sory for extra leverage when turning key. Chrome plated steel rod with plastic balls screwed on each end holds up to 10 keys. 31/2” x 1/2”. Latex free.

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