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Briggs LED Motion Sensor.
Adds safety and security to any stairway, hallway or pathway. The lights automatically and instantly turn on at the detection of any mo- tion up to 10 feet. Automatically shuts off after 30 seconds. Includes instructions, hardware and op- tional double-sided tape for instant placement. Requires 4 AA batteries (not included). Latex free. 081621317
Also for laundry and transporting other items.
Folding Shopping/Utility Cart.
Ideal for carrying groceries or laundry; easy to assemble and folds flat for storage. Features 6” rear and 3” front solid rubber tires. Basket size: 121/2” x 101/2” x 20”. Overall size 15” x 17” x 36”. Product weighs 9 lbs. Weight capacity 100 lbs. 564135
Household Helpers
Dexterity Kit. Specifically designed to as- sist the activities of arthritis sufferers, the Dexterity Kit includes the necessary tools to make daily life easier:
• Key/lock Identifiers (3, in different colors) • Zipper & Button Puller
• Pen/pencil Cushions (3)
• Spoon and Fork Holders (2)
• Lamp Switch Enlargers (2) Latex free.
Briggs Door Hinges Expandable. Adds 2” to most doorway openings and provides barrier-free access for most wheelchairs. Ideal for narrow bathroom doors. Installs easily using existing screws and holes. 3-hole side measures 2” x 31/2”. Latex free.
081698158 Brass (Pair) 081698166 Black (Pair) 081698174 Satin Nickel (Pair)
One- Handed Envelope Opener. A letter opener attached
to the face
of the unit
a guarded razor for cutting the envelopes. Three bottom suction cups firmly attach to most flat sur- faces. Great for one-handed use. Latex free. 920346
Hand KeyperTM. Combination can opener, key ring, slitter, magnet and nail file. Increases leverage to make daily chores easier. Tough frozen food bags open easily with slitter. Pop-top soda can opener spares fingernails. Emery board handles emergency nail repair. Magnet helps you pick up or find tiny earrings, pins. Key ring and storage in- side for two keys. Latex free.
Lamp Switch Extension Lever. For individuals with limited grasp. Three spokes make it easy to operate from
any direction. Fits most standard lamp threads. Latex free. 6386
E-Z Spray Handle.
Lightweight but sturdy plastic adapter for most household and personal care aerosol cans. Large handle and adjustable trigger make spraying simple. Easy to change from can to can.
Light Switch Extender.
14” long, this handle lowers a regular height light switch to a more con- venient height. A rubber cap fits over the light switch knob. Latex free. 557182
Makes using the light switch easier.

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