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Automotive Aids ADL
Grab n’ Pull Seat Belt Reacher. Snap-on design
attaches securely to seatbelt strap and works great for seniors, disabled persons, and those with arthritis or shoulder pain by reducing strain and discomfort when twisting or reaching for their seatbelt. Small, lightweight, rubber design can be taken anywhere. Works on both driver and passenger sides. Universal fit—no modification required. 9”L x 21/2”W x 1/4”D 081706035
EZ Swivel Seat. Ideal for anyone with hip or back
strain, the low-profile EZ Swivel Seat pivots 360° making it easy to swing your legs and hips around, eliminating pain and stress on your body when getting out of the car. Lightweight and portable enough to transport from vehicle to vehicle, the cushion is comfortable, padded, and soft, with a non-slip surface to help keep it in place. Universal, flexible fit works on flat surfaces and contoured bucket style seats. May also be used with your favorite chair. Cotton/nylon blend. 081706043
Flip A Grip Doorway
Assist Handle. Unlike
grab bars, this sturdy
design allows users to
both push down and pull,
helping to promote greater independence.
Durable construction for interior and exterior
applications features a glow in the dark, non-
slip grip and is small enough to fit in spaces
where a large grab bar won’t work, like doorways. Easy to install and folds easily out of the way.
Metro Car Handle. Promotes safety
and mobility, protects against falls
and makes standing or sitting easy.
Universal design works on most cars.
Fits securely into passenger or driver
side of door latch—no vehicle modifi-
cation required. No-slip ergonomic grip
fits parallel into car door latch for comfortable grasp and optimal leverage. Spare key compartment prevents you from getting locked out of your house. Window scraper is perfect for removing ice and bugs. Weight capacity 500 lbs.
Car Caddie. Sewn nylon strap is durable to provide long lasting quality and UV protection. Adjustable handle height meets varying heights of ve- hicle windows. Contoured buckle is easy to attach to vehicle. The cushion grip is comfortable. Because it isn’t permanently installed, the caddy is portable for use in other vehicles. 561653
Handy Bar. Promotes safety and mobility. Protects against falls and makes standing or sitting easy. Universal design ensures a secure fit into passenger or driver side of door latch; no vehicle modification required. No-slip ergonomic grip; fits parallel to car for comfortable grip and optimal leverage. Weight capacity 500 lbs.
Helps you get out of the car more easily

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