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ZollTM Automated External Defibrillator. A Full-Rescue automated external defibrillator (AED). With Real CPR Help® technology, the AED Plus provides real-time feedback for depth and rate of chest compressions during CPR. The AED Plus package includes the AED Plus, one set of adult electrodes (CPR-D padz®), one sleeve of batteries and a soft carry case.
Item No.
AED Plus® Package
CPR-D Padz Electrodes
Pediatric Pedi-Padz II Multifunction Electrodes
Mounting Wall Bracket
Lithium Batteries, 10/pk.
Clinical Furniture
Infection Control & De brillator
Surgical Face Mask.
Soft, non-irritating mask
is enhanced with soft flared edges and is OSHA approved. Fits all facial contours. Disposable. Latex free. 50/box.
CPR Micromask. Features
a positive, one-way, non-re-
breathing valve complete with
filter. This valve has a large
opening to reduce restrictive
rescue breathing. Made of ma-
terials that remain flexible over
a wide range of temperatures,
the CPR Micromask conforms
to facial contours and provides
an outstanding seal even
under extreme conditions.
Manufactured from clear plastic for accurate patient monitoring. CPR Micromask comes in a polybag with disposable nitrile gloves. 928616
EZ-ProtectionTM Kit. A complete, disposable kit for exposure protection from body and biohazardous fluids. Kit includes: safety shield-combination mask, impervious gown to protect clothing, gloves, biohazard waste bag and antimicrobial hand wipe. 925157
Microshield. Positive one-way valve inside the airway is designed for maximum protection. Also assists in keeping an open airway while performing the head- tilt, chin-lift maneuver. Packaged in an orange vinyl case.
Universal Precaution ComplianceTM Kit. This combination per- sonal protection/cleanup kit contains items mandated by OSHA, CDC and state health departments to aid in the cleanup and disposal of infectious blood or bodily fluid spills. The kit contains Red ZTM powder solidifier, BiozideTM hard surface disinfectant, p.a.w.s.TM antimicrobial hand wipe, vinyl gloves, scooper/scraper, combination mask/face shield, apron, red biohazard bag, identification tag and instructions. 6431
Clinical Furniture & Supplies

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