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Clinical Furniture
Accutouch® Powder-Free Vinyl Exam Gloves. Conform comfortably to the shape of the hands and return to original shape after removal. Feature tactile sensitivity and high tensile strength
for durable barrier protection. Textured for a secure grip, with tight cuffs to minimize exposure. Tested for use with chemotherapy drugs, formaldehyde and gluteraldehyde. Latex free.
081522127 Small, 100/box
081522135 Medium, 100/box
081522143 Large, 100/box
081522150 X-Large, 90/box
MediGuard® Powder-Free Vinyl Exam Gloves. Perfect for general patient care. New technology has improved tactile sensitivity and durability of these quality latex and powder-free gloves.
960650 Small, 150/box
960651 Medium, 150/box
960652 Large, 150/box
960653 X-Large, 130/box
Exam Gloves.
These 100% nitrile
gloves reduce potential
risk for contact
dermatitis and glove-
associated Type 1 allergic reactions. Textured fingertips enhance wet or dry grip, and unique colors differentiate between types. 081506419 Small, 100/box
081506468 Medium, 100/box 081506476 Large, 100/box 081506484 XL, 90/box
Powder-Free Latex
Examination Gloves.
Aloe vera coating
helps moisturize and
soothe hands. Strong,
durable, natural rubber
latex gloves provide
superior barrier protection. Fully textured surface provides a sure grip. Ideal for anyone who changes gloves frequently, washes hands repeatedly or wears gloves for extended periods of time. Box of 100, non-sterile.
550905   Small
550906   Medium
550907   Large
Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves. Formulated from nitrile. Higher resistance to puncture than most latex or vinyl gloves. Textured grip. Approved for handling cytotoxic drugs. Ambidextrous with beaded cuff that helps prevent roll down. Blue color. Non-sterile. Box of 100. Latex free.
555501 Small 555502 Medium 555503 Large
For additional sizes and colors, please visit us online.
Curad® PF Stretch Synthetic Vinyl Gloves. These advanced formulation stretch vinyl gloves conform to the hands for excellent sensitivity when touch is critical. Easy to put on and take off, they’re tapered at the cuff to minimize cuff roll down.
Item No.
Small, 150/box
Medium, 150/box
Large, 150/box
Extra Large, 130/box
Clinical Furniture & Supplies

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