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Portable Electrotherapy
PRIMERATM TENS/NMES. Loaded with 14 preset Programs (8 TENS and 6 NMES) along with the exclusive HAN TENS waveform—a unique dense-and-disperse (DD) mode of stimulation, in which low-frequency stimu- lation (2 Hz) sequences with high-frequency stimulation (15 or 70 Hz) to accelerate the release of opiates to effectively manage pain and reduce muscle spasm. Includes PRIMERA Unit,carrying case, battery, leadwires, Dura-Stick electrodes, back support belt and user’s manual.
568694 PRIMERA Package 568725 Leadwires (pair)
Speci cations
TENS: 2-150 HZ NMES: 12-35 Hz TENS: 175-250 s NMES: 200-250 s 2 years
Asymmetrical bi-phasic rectangle
Channels Modes
Continuous, Burst, Modulation, HAN, NMES
0-80 mA
Pulse Rate Pulse Width Warranty Waveforms
UltraStim® Garment & Pad Electrode System. This electrical stimulation system is easy to use. The Velcro® closure allows for a custom patient fit. The electrode placement instructions are printed on the garment, ensuring proper positioning. Electrodes stay on garment during storage. Each Garment Kit contains 1 back garment, 4 electrodes and 4 black snap adapters.
S/M Back Garment Kit
L/XL Back Garment Kit
2” Square Replacement Electrodes- 40/pk. Black Snap Adapter, no lead wire
White Snap Adapter with lead wire
Mettler® TENS STIM 211 OTC Device. The
ME 211 is a 2-channel digital TENS/EMS device featuring a large LCD display that’s easy to see from any angle, and provides a visual for operation modes, treat- ment time and output. TENS mode provides 8 preset programs. EMS mode provides 6 preset programs created for specific patient conditions. Timer is adjustable from 5-60 minutes. Each ME211 comes standard with unit, carry pouch, 1 pack of 2” square V-Trodes (2705), 2 lead wires, 3 AAA batteries, protective cover that can attach to a belt or waistband for portable movement, and in- struction manual.
081700525 TENS STIM ME 211 OTC Device 081700533 Replacement Lead Wire
For more garment electrodes, please visit us online.
TENS. This portable
unit is compact and
extremely durable
with large, easy-to-
press buttons. There
are no small dials to
turn, making usage
simple for patients
with dexterity issues.
The large digital
display is easy to
read. The device has
a lock feature to prevent any accidental changes
during use for added safety. The unit automatically
detects when batteries are running low and then a
battery indicator light flashes on the screen, notifying
the patient that the batteries should be changed.
The included lanyard strap makes the device easy to
wear. The retail package includes lead wires; two
2”-square self-adhesive reusable electrodes; two
AAA alkaline batteries, easy instructions, pad placement guide, Quick Start guide and carrying strap. Refill kits are also available containing six 2”-square electrodes and one pair of lead wires.
567858 TENS Device
568381 Refill Kit
568600 Counter Top Display Kit (6 TENS devices, 18 Refill Kits)

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