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MyoTrac Infiniti®. Offers 2 channels
of surface electromyography (SEMG),
2 channels of STIM and 2 channels of SEMG-Triggered STIM. The clinical system includes BioGraph Infiniti software, which combines dynamic graphics with analysis and reporting functions.
Additional MyoTrac Infiniti features:
• Touch screen
• Over 100 pre-programmed protocols
• Print out sheets to document patient progress • Patient lock feature
Pathway MR 20 and
MR 25 EMG Units.
Clinical units feature
continuous operation
or work/rest prompts;
automatic data storage;
computer output
PathwayTM Utilities/
Compliance software
for data download and
real-time graphics; and
functional electrical
stimulator interface.
Goal types: Above Tone, Below Tone, Above Stim, Below Stim, Maximum Display with Marker and Matrixed Audio Tone and A/B Ratio. Includes a 9-Volt battery, 4 electrodes, serial output with cable for PC interface and carrying case. MR 20 features an alpha/numeric LCD display and the MR 25 features a tri-color LED display.
2938 MR 20 922131 MR 25
Myotrac T4000P. Portable, reliable EMG unit features three sensitivity ranges and preamplifica- tion at the treatment site to ensure an extremely clean signal. Provides immediate feedback on muscle activity through a bright 13 segment light-bar and a proportional tone. Key features: alarm function, lock function and the ability to set the bandpass for wide or narrow placement, above and below threshold for tonal feedback. 922296 Myotrac T4000P
MyoTrac In niti (SEMG, STIM and EMG-Triggered STIM) MyoTrac In niti Clinical (same as 563729, but includes BioGraph In niti software)
Rectal Sensor/Stimulator
Vaginal Sensor/Stimulator
Pathway EMG Trainers. The TR10 (single channel) and TR20 (dual channel) are home/ clinic EMG units featuring continuous opera- tion or work/rest prompts and LED visual displays. Goal types include: Above Tone, Below Tone and Matrixed Audio Tone and A/B Ratio for Dual Channel Systems. 9-volt battery and carry case included. Additional features of the TR10C and TR20C are auto-lock for unsupervised patient use; au- tomatic data storage; computer output; and Pathway Utilities/Compliance Software for data download only.
2937 TR10C 293701 TR10 293301 TR20 293302 TR20C
Yarlap® with AutoKegel®. Technology is muscle stimulator for toning a woman’s pelvic floor muscles. Product is cleared for OTC or script sale. Treats female inconti- nence; stress, urge and mixed. Also, is an easy to use postpartum device for pelvic floor rehabilitation. Drug Free, Non-Surgical device.
7101358 Complete kit 7101359 Vaginal Electrode

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