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Biofeedback / Woman’s Health Modalities
neen Aquaflex® Weighted Vaginal Cones. The simple, effective way to strengthen pelvic floor muscles to help improve general pelvic health and restore bladder control. When inserted, pelvic floor muscles auto- matically contract. Add more weights as muscle strength increases. Exercise system consists of two cones and
a set of four weights (5g, 10g and
2 x 20g). Single patient use.
TheraWandTM Pelvic Therapy.
For use in pelvic floor treatments including, but not limited to, trigger point (myofascial) release, painful intercourse, scar tissue, sensitivity, vaginismus, anorgasmia and more. The curved design allows for ease of use intravaginally to treat pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. The Premium TheraWand has a slightly thinner shaft and a handle on one end for a better grip. Both models come with an in- struction sheet, information pamphlet and a carrying pouch.
568708 Essential 568709 Premium
neen Educator® Pelvic Floor Exercise Indicator. Simple and easy-to-use device shows if the pelvic floor muscles are being contracted cor- rectly. Strengthening these muscles can help reduce symptoms of stress incontinence. The unique form allows it to follow the movement of the internal walls of the vagina, which indicates how the pelvic floor muscles are being contracted. The external part of the Educator® amplifies this movement to show whether these muscles are being contracted correctly or not. Single patient use.
Single-channel EMG
device is designed
specifically to treat incon-
tinence with a built-in 5- or
10-second work/rest protocol that corresponds di- rectly to microvolts based on the threshold chosen. Features three settings for sound, an earphone for privacy, adjustable volume control and bright bar lights to provide instant feedback. Includes 9-volt battery and carrying case. Vaginal and rectal sen- sors sold separately.
922297 U-ControlTM
922298 Vaginal Sensor, single patient multiple
use. For use with U-Control only. 922299 Rectal Sensor, single patient multiple use.
For use with U-Control only.
Slippery Stuff® Gel. Developed for use in the medical community and is specifically designed to stay where you put it. Glycerin-free, water soluble; safe and long-lasting.
960234 4 oz. tube
960235 8 oz. bottle
960249 16 oz. bottle with pump
960250 32 oz. bottle 567641 3 cc packs, 100/bx
Aquagel® Lubricating Gel. Clear, water-soluble non-irritating lubricant. Compatible with natural and synthetic substances.
966258 5-oz. tube
966221 1/2 Gallon with pump

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