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EasytrodeTM Pregelled Electrodes.
External pelvic muscle EMG electrodes. Square, single snap. Package of 300. 7005350 Easyrode Electrodes, Single Snap, Bag of 150
Modalities Biofeedback
PathwayTM Stim 10. This vaginal and rectal intracavity stimulator has four fre- quencies (12.5Hz, 50Hz, 100Hz, 200Hz), four duty cycles (5/5, 5/10, 10/10, 10/20), and six treatment times (5–30 minutes in incre- ments of 5 minutes). Features a time-used display for patient compliance, protocol storage, tactile buttons for enhanced con- trol and a convenient 9-volt battery. 553948
PathwayTM Vaginal/Rectal Sensors and Stimulators. Detect electromyographic activity of the pelvic musculature for the purpose of rehabilitating weak pelvic muscles and/or re- storing neuromuscular control. A tab at the base of each sensor guides insertion and removal. Sensors can be used with any PathwayTM EMG unit by connecting the plug to a Universal Adapter, sold separately, which allows connection to the PathwayTM Preamplifier. Vaginal and Rectal EMG/Stimulation sensors are compatible with and legally marketed for all high imped- ance EMGs and most intracavity stimulators.
PathwayTM Preamplifier. EMG pa- tient lead wire for the EMG Clinical Units, EMG Clinical Unit System Configurations, and patient units. 922134
PathwayTM Adapter. To adapt the pelvic muscle EMG channel of the EMG Clinical Units, EMG Clinical Unit System Configurations, and patient units to the Pathway Vaginal/Rectal Sensors. 293901
24” Electrode Lead Wire Set.
External pelvic muscle EMG lead wires.
PathwayTM Electrodes.
2939 Vaginal/Rectal Sensor 2949 Vaginal EMG/Stimulator 2959 Rectal EMG/Stimulator
Disposable lead wire electrodes. Pack of 75. 081707157
UniGel Electrodes. Pre-gelled single electrodes. 100/pk. 922300
Triode Electrodes.

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