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Ultrasound Gel
SoniShieldTM Antimicrobial Ultrasound Gel.
The first and only antimicrobial ultrasound gel designed for better infec- tion control and developed to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.
• Efficient Transmission—scientifically proven to be acoustically cor-
rect for a broad range of transmission frequencies.
• Hypoallergenic—clinically proven to be safe for use on sensitive
skin. Does not contain parabens or propylene glycol and is salt and
alcohol free.
• Equipment-Friendly—completely aqueous, will not damage trans-
ducers or stain clothing.
• Economical—multi-use SoniShield costs less than sterile gels 081710748 8.5-oz. bottle
081710755 20g packets, 100/box
Aquaflex® Ultrasound Gel Pad. This aqueous, flexible, disposable ultrasound gel pad is used to apply therapeutic ultrasound
to uneven, irregular or sensitive surfaces such as the wrist, elbow, TMJ, sacroiliac joint and acromioclavicular joint. Pad is hypoallergenic, bacteriostatic and disposable. Each pad is 2 x 9 cm. Latex free.
3043B One pad 3043A Box of 6
Sonigel Lotion with Aloe Vera. Comes in an economical one-gallon bottle complete with its own pour-off bottle. Alcohol and salt free. The lotion is greaseless and can also be used for mas- sage therapy.
Sammons Preston Ultrasound Gel.
This medium-viscosity gel facilitates effective transmission of ultrasonic waves into the client’s body. Comes in squeez- able cubes.
303001 5-Liter Cube (blue gel)
922099 5-Liter Cube (clear gel)
303002 Value Pack (Four, 5-Liter Cubes-blue gel)
922100 Value Pack (Four, 5-liter Cubes-clear gel) 923033 Empty 8-oz. bottles with cap, case of 12 568782 Metron Ultrasound Gel 250 ML Bottles 12/CS
KendallTM Ultrasound Gel. This formula is free of salt, formaldehyde and latex and has a high viscosity that maintains coupling efficiency. Preservatives have been added to the odorless, water-soluble formula to prevent microbial contamination.
960095 12 - 250mL bottles
960096 5-Liter Cube with 1 dispenser bottle
Ultrasound Gel.
Acoustically correct,
viscous gel for broad
range of frequen-
cies. Hypoallergenic,
bacteriostatic and
non-sensitizing. Will
not stain clothes,
damage transducers
or irritate skin.
563880 Non-sterile 20 packets, 100/bx. 563780 Sterile 20 g. packets, 100/bx. 303101 1-Liter with Dispenser Cap 303102 5-Liter SONICPAC®
A9393 12 - .25L Dispenser Bottles

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