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Electric Gel Warmer. Wall-mounted unit keeps ultrasound gel at a comfort- able temperature. 110V/60hz. UL listed. A955032
Mini-Lotion Warmer. Can be hung on the front of Hydrocollator® Tabletop Hot Pack Heaters.
Gel Warmers
Gel Warmers. Stainless steel gel warmers have a lighted On/Off power switch and adjustable temperature control. Units include unit dispenser bottles and a 6’ grounded hos- pital-grade cord. Maximum temperature: 122°F. 120V/60hz. UL and CUL listed. Holds 8-oz. bottles.
922364 1-Bottle Warmer 922365 2-Bottle Warmer 922366 3-Bottle Warmer 922367 4-Bottle Warmer
Economy Gel Warmers.
• Polished stainless steel
• Low-wattage heating
• Hospital-grade UL/CSA
power cord
• Fixed operating tem-
perature of 115°F
Comes with dispenser
bottles, and has a lighted
power switch on front panel. Warmers mount on wall or can be set on table. One- year warranty. Includes Automatic Thermal Cutoff.
081514439 1-Bottle Warmer 081514447 2-Bottle Warmer 081514454 3-Bottle Warmer 081514462 4-Bottle Warmer
Thermasonic® Gel Warmers. Warms ul- trasound gel to body temperature. Features durable wall-mountable construction, hospital grade plug and power cord, heat indicator lamp. Three-bottle warmer also features adjustable thermostat and illumi- nated power ON/OFF. UL and CSA listed. Ultrasound gel not included.
960181 1-Bottle Gel Warmer
960182 3-Bottle Gel Warmer
568659 3-Bottle Gel Warmer with LCD
Gel Warmer. Each warmer has an il- luminated on/off rocker switch, a 6-foot grounded power cord, table/wall mounting hardware and instructions. Holds 8-oz. bottles. Latex free.
3042A 2-Tube Warmer with two 8-oz. bottles
3042B 4-Tube Warmer with four 8-oz. bottles
3042C 1-Tube Warmer with one 8-oz. bottle

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