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Shoulder KitTM.
Includes everything your
patient needs to start a
home rehab program for
an injured shoulder: the RangeMaster Shoulder Pulley Exercise System with a webbing door strap and extensive flip chart shoulder exercise guide, the RangeMaster ShoulderFit beginning- level resistance exerciser, the RangeMaster ShoulderWand collapsible stretching tool and a convenient drawstring tote bag. New! Economy version provides the shoulder pulley, shoulder re- sistance exerciser and shoulder wand in a plastic zip-lock bag. 554531 RangeMasterTM Shoulder KitTM
554530 RangeMasterTM Shoulder Wand 568344 Shoulder Kit w/Metal Bracket
Exercise Supplies  Pulleys
TheraBand® Shoulder
Pulley. A tool for rehab
professionals working
with shoulder patients.
The pulley’s distinct black marks provide patients with immediate visual feedback on progress and offer practitioners a mechanism for directing patients with clear, accurate instructions.
Other features include:
• Sturdy door anchor – compatible with any standard door jamb
• Soft foam handles – offer extra comfort during use
• Adjustable rope length – provides custom fit and versatility
• Choice of packaging – available in retail boxes or in bulk (poly-bags) 561857 Retail Packaging (1 each)
561858 Bulk Packaging (12/bag)
RangeMaster PinkRangerTM Shoulder PulleyTM. Economy over-door shoulder pulley with metal bracket. Adjustable line length on pink rope. Two wooden handles and a smooth nylon roller pulley. Includes a breast cancer exercise guide. 566519
BlueRangerTM Pulley by
Pulley System.
New & improved pulley with
quick-adjust handles allows
the patient to rapidly change
line length without untying
and retying knots. Plastic
teeth under the handle make
adjustments quick and simple.
Webbing door strap fits over any door without scratching the door’s finish. Smooth, nylon roller pulley eliminates noise for a vibration-free exercise. Poly bag. Exercise guide not included.
Metal Bracket.
Economy over-door shoulder pulley with metal door bracket. Two, molded plastic adjustable-line length handles. Very smooth nylon roller pulley. Poly bag. Exercise guide not included.
Webbing Door Strap in Retail Packaging.
Economy over-door shoulder pulley with webbing door strap. Adjustable line length plastic handles. Exercise guide not included. Retail carton with bar code.
920070 BlueRangerTM Pulley System by RangeMasterTM
551100 BlueRangerTM Pulley by RangeMasterTM with Retail Packaging 552336 BlueRangerTM Pulley by RangeMasterTM with Metal Bracket
Comfort Handle Pulley
by RangeMasterTM. Soft, rubber-molded handle con- forms to the hand’s shape
to provide cushioning and comfort during exercise. Lightweight and compact for easy transport to mobile exer- cise programs.
550941 Comfort Handle Pulley with
Webbing Strap
550942 Molded Rubber Handle Pulley with
Metal Bracket
Pul-Ez (Pull-Easy)TM by RangeMasterTM. Features a patented grip-free hold and pillow-soft foam wrist sup- port system. Includes patient exercise guide, a custom nylon-roller pulley and choice of a compact, portable door bracket or a patented, no-slip webbing door strap.
5036 Pulley with Metal
503601 Comfort Handle
Pulley with Webbing Door Strap
Quick- adjust Blue Ranger handle
Exercise guide included
Exercise Supplies

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