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Rolyan® Reach ‘N RangeTM Pulleys.
Discover the difference Reach ‘N Range Pulleys make with these innovative features:
Available only on Reach ‘N Range Pulleys
• ROM stop
• Padded handle
• Easy adjustability
• Quiet operation
• All appropriate for
home and clinic use
ROM Stop Contoured Handle
Reach N Range Overhead Pulley.
• Simple to use for rebuilding muscles and
increasing ROM.
• Dual overhead pulley offers extra stability
• Can be used with weights on one handle
to counterbalance strength of the oppo-
site extremity.
• Slip-resistant weights allow more free
ROM patterns, such as PNF.
Reach N Range Pulley with Assist.
• Special assist handle supports extremity
without need for gripping
• Helps decrease sensory overflow and
stimulation of flexor synergy patterns
• Quiet pulley operation increases patient
tolerance and follow through.
A873621 With webbing strap
A873622 With metal bracket. Fits standard
and thick doors.
Reach ‘N Range Pulley.
• Easy to use
• Strengthens weakened shoulders and
increases ROM
• Lightweight and compact for traveling
A873623 With webbing strap A873624 With metal bracket. Fits stan-
dard and thick doors.
Exercise Supplies  Pulleys
561149 561148
Lifeline® E.S.P. Econo Shoulder Pulley.
Features the patented Saddle Handle, al-
lowing for instant adjustment of the rope
length. Comes complete with door attach-
ment and all other equipment necessary for
effective strengthening and rehabilitation. Has
a superior assistive grip handle for holding
hands in place at the knuckles rather than
the wrist, promoting circulation. Exercises may be performed sitting or standing. Simply position the pulley at the top of a doorjamb or on the hinge side of a standard door. The position of the door at- tachment is easily changeable depending upon the height of the individual or the exercise to be performed.
Lifeline® Multi-UseTM Pulleys.
Standard Multi-UseTM Shoulder Pulley with Door Attachment. Comes with two X-ChangeTM foam cushion rotator handles, T-Adjustor, cord, nylon pulley with door attachment and in- struction booklet. Poly-bagged.
Multi-Use Shoulder Pulley with Door Attachment and Metal Door Bracket. Includes Standard Multi-Use Pulley with Door Attachment (5332, described above) and a metal door bracket. Multi-Use Shoulder Pulley with Door Attachment and Add-On Attachment. For those with limited hand strength.
Lifeline E.S.P. Econo Shoulder Pulley
Lifeline X.E.S.P. Econo Shoulder Pulley (includes only the pulley and door attachment)
5332 550967
Shoulder Pulley with Door Attachment
Shoulder Pulley with Door Attachment and Metal Door Bracket
Exercise Supplies

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