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Pulley  Exercise Supplies
RangeMaster Do-It-
Yourself RangerTM
Shoulder Pulley.
Everything you need
to make a simple
over-the-door shoulder
pulley. Includes metal
door bracket, sponge
foam door protector,
S-hook, metal encased nylon roller pulley, rope and pre-drilled wood dowel handles.
Shoulder Pulleys.
Economy over-door
shoulder pulley with
webbing door strap
or metal bracket.
Adjustable line
length on regular
white rope. Two wooden handles and a smooth nylon roller pulley.
566516 Webbing Door Strap 566517 Metal Door Bracket
RangeMasterTM Shoulder Pulley Exercise. The one-of-a- kind portable door bracket snugly fits any size of door. Rapid line-length adjustment and unique exercise guide educate the client with extensive op- tions. Latex free.
5039 Overhead Pulley with Metal Bracket
503901 Pulley with Webbing Door
Now includes Shoulder Pulley Exercise Guide.
Power-PulleyTM. Easy grip, 1-lb. cushioned han- dles reduce slipping and provide proprioceptive grip input. Rope length can
be adjusted rapidly and securely. Nylon pulley for whisper-smooth operation. Deluxe steel bracket with rubber pads fits doors up to 21/2” thick. Instructions and portable carry bag included.
Original Home Ranger Shoulder Pulley. This pulley has an over-the-door strap with molded, rubber-coated handle. 927913
Economy Overhead Pulleys. Basic overhead pul- leys are available with metal bracket or door strap attach- ment. Pulleys fit any size door. Latex free. 564389 Pulley with
Metal Bracket
564390 Pulley with Door Strap Attachment
Exercise Supplies

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