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Shoulder Exercise
Exercise Supplies
Rolyan® Shoulder Arc, Single Curve.
Arc includes 24 movable colored tabs for ROM exercises, crossing the midline, eye/ hand coordination and pinch strengthening. Arc is 29” high and 35” wide. Aluminum base is 3”W x 36”L.
960634   Shoulder Arc, Single Curve
Rolyan® Graded ROM Arc. Ideal for treatment of any upper extremity deficit that impairs ROM. Arc easily adjusts to 15”, 20”, 25” and 30” heights. At 36” x 3/4” x 6”, the natural wood base is portable for clinic or home use. Plastic tube is 3/4”. Has 12 rings. Latex free.
Bilateral Sander. Made of durable wood. Plastic gliders on underside will not damage work surfaces. Five pairs of interchangeable handles included. Great for work simulation tasks. Latex free.
Rolyan® Horizontal Ring Tree. For people with neurological disorders, burns and orthopedic problems. Three ring sizes provide gradable coordination tasks and cognitive and perceptual motor skills. Three horizontal metal rods are 12”, 24” and 36” long. Place in any one of six holes on the 281/2” upright post. Base is 36” long and can be permanently or temporarily attached to a table. Kit includes 36 plastic rings, 12 each of 1”, 11/8” and 2” diameters.
Rolyan® Vertical Ring Tree. Use for increasing ROM, eye/hand coordination, manipulation, endurance and sequencing. Base is 213/4”L x 141/2”W x 11/2”D. Includes six plastic rods: 3”–18”H and 3”–13”H. Rod diameters vary from 1/4” to 1”. Also includes 12 rings for each plastic rod. Disassembles and packs into the covered base for storage.
A4142 Vertical Ring Tree
Shoulder Arc, Double Curve. 29” at
its highest point, arc includes 24 movable colored tabs for ROM exercises, crossing the midline, eye/hand coordination and pinch strengthening. 3”W x 36”L base of hard- ened aluminum.
960635   Shoulder Arc, Double Curve
Manipulation Board. Hardware and closures typically used in the home are mounted on a 23”
x 143/4” wooden board. Includes a door chain lock, electric outlet plate, padlock, key lock, faucet, hook & eye lock and luggage lock. Pre-drilled for mounting. Latex free.
5312 Manipulation Board
531201 Optional Base
Exercise Supplies

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