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Exercise Supplies
Shoulder Exercise
Stall Bars. Versatile piece of equipment ideal for sports medicine clinics, gyms, schools and hospitals. Users can perform shoulder range- of-motion exercises from a sitting or standing position. Top rungs are designed for chin-ups
or pull-ups. Measures 36”W x 96”H. 925632
Finger Ladder. Every sixth step is color coded to pro- vide visual feedback as ROM increases. Easy to clean and sanitize. Mounts to the wall with pre-drilled mounting holes. 40”H x 6”W x 11/2”D. 550903
Exercise Supplies
Shoulder Abduction Ladder. Ideal for progressive ROM. This 56” hardwood unit has 33 steps; each measures 21/2”W x 11/2”H. Natural finish. Latex free.
Shoulder Exercise Ladder. Moving dowel rod on the adjustable- angle stand permits work on different muscle groups. Adding cuff weights increases resistance. Lightweight and portable. 183/4” x 231/4”, with 36” bar. Latex free.
Rolyan® Climbing Board and Bar. Seven
rubber-tipped extensions on each side of hardened aluminum frame are spaced 4” apart. 38” bar has handle
grips for better grasp and comfort. Climbing board is 36”H x 241/2”L. Base has two drilled holes for permanent attachment to an exercise table, or can temporarily attach by C-clamps or vise grips.

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