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AIREX® Balance Pad.
This slip-resistant pad is con- structed of a soft specialty foam that will not absorb water. It is Sanitized® to inhibit the growth of fungus and mi- crobes, thus extending its life. Latex free. 20” x 161/2” x 21/2”. Weighs 1.6 lbs.
AIREX® Balance Pad Elite.
Similar to the Original Balance Pad, but with a raised waffle surface to stimulate the recep- tors of the foot and reduce sliding.
For Pediatric Balance, see pages 927–932.
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AIREX® Balance Beam. Utilizing “su- persoft” foam that is suitable for use in
the restoration of motor skills and balance, the extended length of the Balance Beam provides a base for an individual to walk toe-to-toe, improving lower and upper body stabilization and coordination. Measures 63”L x 6”W x 21/2”H, blue. Weighs 2 lbs. 927929
Agility ConesTM. Hard PVC cones in high-visibility orange cue to where to turn. Lightweight, 1 lb. per cone; portable for use anywhere. Four sizes suit all training needs. 262634 6”
Width adjusts to 3” or 6”.
Tumble Forms 2® Balance Beam.
Six-foot reversible beam is covered with durable, sturdy Tumble Forms 2 non-slip surface. May be positioned so width is 3” or 6”. Top is 7” from the floor. 200-lb. wt. capacity. Weighs 28 lbs. Latex free. 4807E
262635 9” 262636 12” 262637 15”
AIREX® Balance Pad XL. Almost double the length of the original Balance Pad. The longer length provides a wider base for balance training and other exercises. 38”W.
Balance Beam Set. All of the benefits of a balance pad and a traditional balance beam. With its trapezoid-shape design, the wider side can be placed face down to provide greater stability, or the narrow side can be placed face down for more challenging instability. Built-in VELCRO® Brand fastener connections form a 72” long beam. Made of super-soft, closed-cell foam with vinyl coating. Easy to clean. Blue. Two beams per set; 21/2” x 81/4” and 61/2” x 36” each.
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