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Balance  Exercise Supplies
Shuttle Balance. A versatile tool that can be used for ACL/Total Knee perturbation treat- ment, fall prevention programs for seniors, therapy for vestibular and vertigo patients, rehabilitation for stroke, neck and cervical patients, as well as core/proprioceptive strength- ening protocols for the elite athlete.
The Balance provides a safe platform for the recovering patient or athlete to re-establish dynamic stability in the lower extremity. The suspended platform produces an unstable surface invoking use of stabilizers throughout the body. Clinicians can fully adjust platform height, degree of stability and tilt sensitivity. Protocols can be progressed according to treatment and performance goals.
Balance Standard: Platform supports up to 500 lbs. of patient weight. Travel Control Tethers allow patients to control the range of perturbation and lateral movement. The Elastic Resistance Bands enable progressive resistance—including abduction and adduc- tion. The Safety Bar Grips provide both security and comfort.
Balance Professional: Same as the Balance Standard, plus the Balance Steps, which pro- vide the most debilitated patients with easy ingress and egress.
562461 Standard Package
561581 Professional Package
CanDo® Core- Training Vestibular Dome. Ball can be inflated or deflated to adjust the difficulty level. Comes with resistance cords for dynamic workout.
BOSU ProTM Balance Trainer. Increases balance, stability and proprioception. Provides training through the full range of abdominal movement. Features a non-skid, non-marking base. Includes integrated balance training DVD and manual, foot pump and eating plan. Blue. 567971
Fitterfirst Softboards Functional Balance System. Soft boards introduce a whole new dimension to balance training. They give you the sensation of floating on a cushion of air, while still providing a predictable foundation underfoot. The unique design incorporates either four corner compression legs on the beginner board, or one large central compression leg on both the intermediate and advanced boards.
550117 Softboard, Beginner 550130 Softboard, Advanced 550131 Rockerboard, Intermediate
Foot Placement Ladder. With adjustable cross bars for dif- ferent length steps. Reinforced metal cross ties. 231/2”W x 92”L. 550822
Exercise Supplies

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