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Economy Jamar® Transparent Plastic Goniometers. For observation of joint axis and motion. Linear readings in inches and centimeters. Latex free.
63/4" (17 cm) Goniometer. Scale reads 0° to 180° in opposite directions at 5° increments. Ideal for small joints.
8" (20 cm) Goniometer. Scale reads 0° to 90° and 0° to 180° in 5° increments. 7512
8" (20 cm) Goniometer. Features broad arms with three linear stripes for easy limb centering. Reads 0° to 180° in each direction at 5° increments.
121/2" (32 cm) International Standard Goniometer. Reads 0° to 90°, 0° to 180° and 0° to 360° in 1° increments.
Baseline® Absolute-AxisTM (AA) Goniometer. Until now, practitio- ners had to estimate the vertical or
horizontal position when using a goniometer. This interpretation is often incorrect and al- lows for measurement error. The Absolute-Axis (AA) goniometer removes that problem by establishing a “true” vertical or horizontal. Improved measurements include: shoulder and hip rotation (internal, external); cervical flexion, extension, rotation and side bending; hamstring flexibility and active ROM.
563228 12" (30 cm) Absolute-AxisTM Goniometer (2-color)
563229 12" (30 cm) Hi-ResTM Absolute-AxisTM Goniometer (3-color)
Vertical level
Horizontal level
Absolute-Axis Attachment with 12" 563229 Baseline Goniometer
563230 Slip-on AA device
Absolute-AxisTM Attachment for 12" (30 cm) Plastic Goniometers. Perfect for practitioners who have a 12" (30 cm) plastic goniometer. It slides “snugly” onto one arm of the goniometer, and does not interfere with the tool's function or use.
Quantum Goniometer. Beyond using the goniometer
for simple joint ROM, it can be used as an inclinometer to
measure lumbar or cervical ROM. Also performs as a cervical
protractor or extremity inclinometer by virtue of its horizontal
and vertical axis baseline via a leveling bead in the main
dial. As a postural assessment tool, it will assess alignment
and spinal deviation. Evaluate cervical or lumbar ROM in all
anatomical planes as well as forearm pronation and supina-
tion measurements. Instrument gives practitioner a choice
to use the Quantum Goniometer as a traditional goniometer
or as a “one-handed” goniometer using the thumb slots on the main dial to rotate the movable arm. Once placement is made at the joint axis, practitioner can lock the axis position with the stationary arm and with one hand, glide the goniometer arm in a 360° rotation using the thumb slots. Practitioners find one-handed use desirable when care is needed to stabilize or guide a patient while measuring ROM. A footer, set on the back of the goniometer, glides in and out of view, stabilizing goniometer on trunk, lumbar or cervical area of patient for ease of reading and im- proved accuracy. 11"x 5.5" goniometer. Scale reads 0° to 180° in opposite directions at 1° increments. Inclinometer scale: 5° increments. Made of durable, clear plexiglass to reduce visual obstruction.

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