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Goniometers Evaluation
Jamar® Stainless-Steel Finger Goniometers. For easy ROM measurements of metacarpal, phalangeal and interpha- langeal joints. Has linear inch and centimeter markings on both sides of protractor in opposite directions. Protractor measures 0° to 150° in 5° increments. Stainless steel. Latex free.
Short Finger Goniometer. Measures 31/2" (9 cm) long. 926611
Deluxe Small Joint Goniometer. Clearly marked numbers make measuring easy. Measures 6" (15 cm) long.
JamarTM Finger/Toe Goniometer. Scale is in 2° increments and ruler displays inches. The long arm, at 33/4" (9.5 cm), clears the wrist for accurate placement. Short arm is only 3/4" (2 cm) long, allowing measurement of DIP range of motion. Readings range from 30° of hyperextension to 120° of flexion with +/- 2° accuracy. Loose-fitting hinge lies on the joint without guidance. Tight-fitting hinge enables therapist to read the goniometer after removal. Latex free.
A4418 Loose-Fitting Hinge (Red) A4417 Tight-Fitting Hinge (Blue)
Jamar® Flexion/Hyperextension Finger Goniometer.
For easy ROM measurements of the MCPs, PIPs and DIPs, this clear plastic finger goniometer measures a range of 30° of hyperextension to 120° of flexion in 1° increments without re- positioning the goniometer's proximal base. Latex free. A4414
Baseline® Stainless Steel Digit Goniometer. This 150° digit goniometer requires only one hand to move the measurement head through flexion, extension and
hyperextension. Measures 110° flexion and 40° hyperextension in 5° increments. Arm has a 4" (10 cm) scale. Latex free.
Baseline® 180° Digit Goniometer. This plastic hyper- extension finger goniometer can be held and operated with one hand. Measures extension/hyperextension and
digit flexion from the dorsal surface of the hand for increased accu- racy. Protractor measures 0°–110° in 2° increments. Grip has a
10 cm scale (in millimeters) to easily measure fingertip-to-palm distance. Latex free.
of forearm motions. Provides accurate information when used ac- cording to the included instructions. Easy-to-read, 360° protractor dial has 5° gradations. Latex free.
Pocket Finger Goniometer. Measures flexion and extension of the MP and interphalangeal joints. Turn the goniometer upside down to assess hyperextension. Measures from 0° to 180° in 1° increments. 081501733
Baseline® Wrist Inclinometer. Measures forearm pronation and supination. Designed to reduce extraneous variables currently found with goniometric measurements

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