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CROM (Cervical Range-of-Motion Instrument).
This instrument combines AMA-required inclinometers
and magnets in an easy-to-use instrument. Eliminates positioning, zeroing and tracking errors common with standalone inclinometers. Standardized protocol minimizes chance for examiner error. Comes complete with manual, normal values, magnetic yoke and convenient storage case. Deluxe includes an extra nose piece, tape measure, deluxe case and the forward head unit for taking for- ward head measurements. DVD included. Latex free.
5060 Basic
926649 Deluxe
Arthrodial Goniometer.
Ideal for difficult-to-measure cervical rotation, lateral flexion of the head and anterior-posterior cervical flexion. Bubble level ensures measurement on the hori- zontal plane. Includes two 180° opposing scales in 5° increments. Latex free. 12"H x 18"W (30 x 46 cm). 926625
TheraBite®. The Jaw Motion
Rehabilitation SystemTM cen-
ters around TheraBite and is
beneficial for ear, nose and
throat specialties. The fol-
lowing are components that
work with TheraBite to help
meet treatment objectives.
The range setting arm can be
adjusted between 25–45mm
and is used to determine the
appropriate maximum opening. The fine adjustment knob regulates the opening distance if needed. Self-adhesive bite pads spread the force across the teeth; they can be trimmed for customized protection. The Hand-Aid assists the patient in maintaining constant opening during stretching or strengthening programs. The patient and clinician are able to monitor progress by using the patient progress log and disposable range-of-motion scales. The system includes the TheraBite Jaw Mobilizer, Hand-Aid, 4 Bite Pads, 30 ROM scales, progress log, carrying bag and instructions (printed and on DVD).
081623313 TheraBite
081627421 Range-of-Motion Scales (150) 081655547 Replacement Bite Pads, Set of 4
Jamar® Functional Reach Measuring Device. Easily at- taches to a door without tools. Includes screening tool for balance improvement. Glide bar remains in place until reset for easy recording of results. Provides English and metric measurements in 1/2" and
1 centimeter marks, respectively. Sturdy metal bar is 18"L x 3/4"W x 3/4"H (46 x 2 x 2 cm). Latex free. A800400
Folds down flat when not in use
Range of Motion
Use to assess sitting and standing balance
Body Flexibility Tester. Economical “sit-and-reach” box with calibrated slide
bar for easy, accurate scores. Heels rest
on attached platform with soles against box, so box stays in place—no wall needed. Latex free. 926616 Standard
Deluxe Flexibility Tester. For modified sit-and-reach test. Allows for variation in the arm and leg length being tested.
566698 Deluxe

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