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Scoliometer. Measures six areas to detect scoliosis, and provides three measurements
to detect abnormal anteroposterior curves. Evaluates progress during treatment, without X-rays. Measures the unstable lum- bosacral curve as well as the cervical and thoracic curves. Calibrated in centimeters, millimeters and degrees. Comes complete with instructions. Latex free.
Baseline® AccuAngle Goniometer. Inclinometer is graduated in 2° increments on
both sides. Large numbers, adjustable legs and ergonomic design allow measurement from small landmarks. Ideal for measuring and standard recording using the neutral zero method. Includes storage case. Latex free. 7503
Acumar Digital Dual Inclinometer.
Compact, handheld unit features large digital display. Store measurements with
the hold button, and review maximum, min- imum and average values. Supports range of motion evaluation as described in the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment. Contains a Digital Inclinometer and a Companion Unit. Also comes with a hard case and connecting cable. The Dual Inclinometer can simultaneously capture both angles by the press of a single button. It allows up to six pairs of data for viewing and recording to greatly speed up data cap- ture and analysis. Latex free.
557014 Dual Inclinometer
Baseline® Digital Inclinometer. Range of mo- tion can be read directly after
the joint has been taken through its range. Place inclinometer near the joint to be mea- sured and press ”zero“ button. Then move the joint through its range and press the ”hold“ button. Comes with case.
Baseline® Bubble Inclinometer. Gives readings for flexion, extension, abduction
and adduction, as well as rotation in the neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle and spine. Gives 1° increments of measure- ment. Pocket size. Latex free.
A44130 Single Unit
081547165 Two Pack
Universal Inclinometer.
Replaces the goniometer for
MIE Inclinometer. This deluxe bubble inclinometer is a heavy-duty, top-quality constructed unit, accurate to 1°. Comes with pocket carrying case and wall poster showing detailed procedures for ROM mea- surements on most body parts. Latex free. 557017
Scoliometer. The Mizuho OSI ScoliometerTM provides a safe, efficient way to measure the degree of rotation of a deformity of the back, which can be found during routine spinal examinations. The information obtained can serve as a guide- line in deciding who should be referred for further medical evaluation. Small and light- weight—only 2.5" x 6". Stainless steel ball indicates degrees of angulation. Mercury free. Soft carrying case included. 081599513
quick and easy upper and lower extremity range-of-motion measurements.
Fluid damped to permit fast, accurate read- ings. Ideal for small surfaces like the hand. The extension arm is ideal for longer sur- faces like the arm and the leg. Longer base provides stable contact, resulting in a more accurate reading.
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