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Features a
chrome-plated palm
aneroid gauge. Comes
with three cuffs: Child, Adult
and Large Adult to fit arm circum-
ferences of 7"–103/4" (18–27 cm), 91/2"–141/4" (24–36 cm) and 13"–183/4" (33–46 cm), respectively. The Medic-Kit5 adds an Infant and Adult thigh to fit 5"–71/2" (13–19 cm) and 18"–26" (46–66 cm) circumferences. Easy-access, fold-open carrying case of heavy-duty nylon. Lifetime calibration warranty.
557042 Medic-Kit3
557043 Medic-Kit5
Caliper Palm Sphygmomanometer. Ambidextrous styling with extra-large gauge face, calibrated blue nylon cuff and deluxe air release valve. Comes in zippered carrying case. Contains latex. 081546225
Single-Patient Use Sphygmomanometer. Designed to reduce the spread of infection, the MABIS® Single-Patient Use Aneroid Sphygmomanometer combines a reliable, yet economical aneroid gauge with a disposable bulb and valve assembly and the MABIS Single-Patient Use Blood Pressure Cuff. Adult cuff size: 9"–13" (23–33 cm). Large Adult cuff size: 12 "–15 " (31–40cm).
Sold as a single unit.
Self-Taking Blood Pressure Kit. Long-lasting cotton D-ring cuff for a secure fit. Convenient one-hand operation, with professional stethoscope attached to cuff. Includes vinyl carrying case and blood pressure chart. For arms 9"–13" (23–33 cm) in circumference. Inflation system (bladder, tube and bulb). Black.
Two-Party Home Blood Pressure Kit. This complete kit allows for easy monitoring by an individual with assistance from another person. The stethoscope length is 22"; cuff size: 10"–14". One-year warranty on gauge replacement.
081625292 Adult 081625300 Large Adult
Adjustable Aneroid Sphygmomanometer.
Specially designed so the
user can easily set the
gauge to zero if needed.
Simply insert the mini
screwdriver (included) into
the stem of the gauge and turn the screwdriver until the needle returns to zero. Includes calibrated, blue nylon cuff; 20-year calibration warranty; deluxe air release valve and zippered carrying case. Contains latex.
Adult, Yellow Adult, White Large Adult, White
Adult Cuff Large Adult Cuff Child Cuff

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