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Evaluation Sphygmomanometers
Standard Sphygmomanometer.
Comfortable-fitting, calibrated, durable nylon cuff with hook & loop closure. Includes a standard air release valve and zippered carrying case. 10-year calibration warranty +/- 3 mmHg. Black. 20-year warranty. Latex free.
561743 Child Cuff 561744 Adult Cuff 561745 Large Adult Cuff 561742 Infant Cuff
Latex-Free Aneroid Sphygmomanometer. Precision-crafted 300mmHg no-pin manometer with black powder-coated housing. Nylon cuff includes unique marking system to prevent users applying the wrong size cuff on patients. PVC inflation bulb includes standard end valve. Vinyl carrying case with nylon zipper. Three-year calibration warranty and 1-year warranty on inflation system. Latex free. 5116 Adult cuff fits 103/4"−153/4"
(35−40 cm)
555523 Large Adult cuff fits 131/2"−191/2"
(34−50 cm)
081578533 Thigh cuff fits 16"−26"
(40.6 cm–66.0 cm) 081578541 Child cuff fits 71/4"−101/2"
(18.4 cm−26.7 cm)
Wall Sphygmomanometer. Large, easy- to-read, 6" (15 cm) faceplate with white numerals on solid background. Molded casing encloses a
nonstop pin, 300
mmHg gauge.
10-year calibra-
tion warranty
+/- 3 mmHg.
6-foot coiled
tubing. Deluxe
air release valve. Non-mercury.
Adult size cuff
fits arm cir-
cumference of
9"−13" (23−33
cm). 10-year cali-
bration warranty. Latex free. 566712
Sammons Preston® Economy Aneroid Sphygmomanometer. Features a latex inflation system with standard air release valve. Adult cotton cuff (131/4"–191/2") and zippered carrying case included. Contains latex.
Aneroid Sphygmomanometer. Easy- to-read numerals on a 2" (5 cm) diameter chrome gauge are ideal for professional applications. Calibrated adult cuff fits arms 103/4"–153/4" (35–40 cm) in circumference. Large adult cuff fits 131/2"–191/2" (34–50 cm). Leatherette carrying pouch included. 20-year warranty.
5115 Adult Cotton Cuff 555522 Large Adult Cotton Cuff
Mobile Floor Sphygmomanometer. Includes all features
of the 566712 (left). Adjustable five-legged floor stand features durable components and easy assembly. Latex free.

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