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Detecto® 475 Mechanical Chair Scale. Easy side or front access with lift-away arms and footrest make it easier for patients to get in and out of this scale. Die-cast, easy- to-read beam from both sides. Oversized wheels allow easy transport. 400-lb. capacity, 4-oz. increments. White-finished metal is complemented with black vinyl seat and armrests. 555541
Health o meter® Professional 2595KL Digital Chair Scale. Industrial-strength frame can handle up to 600 lbs. (272 kg). Sturdy wheels offer mobility, while swing- away arms and fold-up footrest facilitate safe patient entry and exit. Features LB/KG conversion, LB/KG lockout, zero out/tare, auto-off and EMR capable. Weighs in 0.2 lb. or 0.1 kg increments. Uses 120V AC adapter power supply (included) and 6 C-cell alkaline batteries
(not included). Overall dimensions: 231/4"W x 371/2"D x 397/8"H. Seat: 181/4"W x 155/8"D. Weighs 84 lbs. 555551
Detecto® 6856 Hand-Rail Scale.
Balanced design, large heavy-duty
rubber wheels and tip-back feature
add up to easy portability. When
set in place, this bariatric scale has
the ability to weigh up to 1,000 lbs.
(450 kg) by .2 lb or (0.9 kg) gradu-
ations. Low-profile platform has
non-skid surface and sturdy hand-
rails with padded grips. The digital
indicator displays .7" (18 mm) high-
contrast, 7-segment LCD with body
mass index, on/off button, lb/kg,
hold/release, zero and automatic zero. 24" x 24" (61 x 61 cm) platform. Requires 120V AC adapter (not included) or 6"C" alkaline batteries. 555538
562047 120V AC adapter
Detecto® 6857DHR Waist-High
Stand-On Scale with Digital Height
Rod. Heavy duty yet lightweight, this
bariatric scale’s balanced design and
integral wheels make it easy to move.
Engineered specifically for weighing obese
and unsteady patients, it features a 24"
(610 mm) square, low-profile platform with
a non-skid surface and sturdy handrails
with padded grips. The scale is designed
for optimum performance and displays
height, weight and BMI simultaneously by
simply raising the digital height rod while a
patient is being weighed on the scale. No
keys to push, no operational sequences to memorize, it’s fully automatic and EMR ready with the serial port. 1,000-lb (400 kg) capacity, 0.2-lb (.1 kg) increments.
Health o meter® Professional Digital Platform Scales.
Built-in wheels let you easily move around to your patients for weight readings. 180° swivel head for side read, keypad entry and low-profile platform. EMR capable. Patient can hold onto handrails for stability while scale measures their weight. 1,000 lbs (454 kg), 2 lbs. (.1 kg) graduations. Uses 6 D batteries or 120V AC adapter (included). 1100KL platform: 22"W x 153/4"D x 21/2"H. 2101KL platform: 26"W x 22"D
x 23/8"H. Lb./kg lockout. 555555     2101KL 081571744     1100KL

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