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seca 869 Flat Scale with Cable Remote Display. Portable display is attached to a 6.5' long cable that con- nects to the weighing base. Additional convenience is supplied by the many extra weighing functions: BMI for nutritional conditions, HOLD to keep measurements displayed and TARE for weighing small children held in adult’s arms. Suitable for stationary or mobile use. 550-lb. (250 kg) capacity. 12.6" x 2.4" x 14" (32 x 6 x 35.5 cm). 081546456
Health o meter® Professional 349KLX Digital Two-Piece Platform Scale with Remote LCD Display. 12" (30 cm) square heavy-duty steel platform with nonslip mat. Nine-foot cord ensures easy, safe positioning of the display on wall or table. 1/2" LCD dis- plays weight on lb., oz. or kg. Powered by one 9V battery included or
AC adapter not included. Weight capacity: 400 lbs. x .2 lbs. (182 x 0.1 kg). Lb./kg lockout. 561619
081527522 120V AC adapter
Health o
160 KL
Large Dial
Floor Scale.
heavy-duty steel
floor scale with
raised easy-to-
read 8" (20 cm)
dial. Also features nonslip textured mat on 181/2"L x 111/2"H (47 x 29 cm) platform. Capacity: 400 lbs. x 1 lb. (181 x 0.45 kg). One-year limited warranty. White base with black mat. Shipping weight: 24 lbs. (10.9 kg).
Detecto® D1130
Personal Floor Scale.
A low profile design,
heavy duty construction
and a non-skid vinyl
mat. Features a white
baked-enamel finish
and personal, colorful
indicators with a 7" (18
cm) diameter dial al-
lows for easy readability. 12"W x 16.75"D x 2.5"H (30.5 cm W x 42.5 cm D x 6.4 cm H). Platform: 11.25" W x 11.75" D (28.6 cm
x 30 cm). Weight capacity of 300 lb.
(136 kg) in 0.1 lb. (.45 kg). Latex free. 081566256
Health o meter® Professional 752KL Digital Two-Piece Platform Scale
with BMI. Accommodates up to 600 lbs. in 0.2-lb. increments (272 kg x 0.1 kg). Calculates patient’s Body Mass Index (BMI). Also features low profile, large base and USB interface for digital data transfer. EMR capable. Remote display with 1" (2.54 cm) LCD and easy-touch keypad. Fixture for wall mount or tabletop display. Platform mea- sures 141/4"W x 141/4"D x 25/8"H. Operates on 120V AC adapter (included) or six C-cell batteries (not included). Lb./kg lockout. 561614
Health o
142KL Dial
Scale. Large
61/2" (17 cm)
diameter dial
makes for easy
reading of
pounds and
kilograms. Durable steel base and platform with non-slip mat for safety. 330-lb. (150 kg) weight capacity, 1-lb. (.45 kg) incre- ments. Platform is 171/2"L x 111/2"W x 3"H (44 x 29 x 7.6 cm).
ProHealth D350
Dial Scale.
Quickly registers
weight in pounds.
Features an easy-
read 7" (18 cm)
dial and adjusting
scroll. Platform:
10.6" sq. (269 mm); scale: 13.25"W
x 20.25"D x 4.5"H (33 x 51 x 11 cm). Durable with reliable corrosion protection. Capacity: 350 lb. x 1 lb.
Economy Dial Scales. This scale has a steel base and platform with a nonskid standing mat for safety. The large dial and numbers make for easy reading of pounds and kilograms. Max weight capacity is 330 lbs. (150 kg). Platform is 13"L x 101/4"W (33 x 26 cm).
081505122 Economy Scale 081552314 Large Dial Scale

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