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Evaluation Body Calipers/Measuring
Omron® HBF306 Body Fat Analyzer. Displays client's body fat % on a clear LCD panel in
just 7 seconds, in either lbs. or kgs. Hand grip electrodes send an extremely low-level current through the client's body to provide feedback data via bioelectrical impedance analysis. Athletic mode gives accurate results with athletes. Stores up to 9 personal data profiles. Comes complete with instructions, 2 AAA batteries and guide to wellness, fitness and nutrition.
Jamar® Medical Skinfold Caliper. Spring-loaded caliper arms provide standard pressure for measuring skinfolds in nutrition, fat distribution, children’s growth, an- thropometry and other applications. Readings up to 60 mm. Sturdy construction of lightweight aluminum ensures years of reliable use. Features a contoured handgrip with safety strap handle. Comes with protective carrying case and manual. Latex free.
5028 Single Sided
Baseline® Economy Plastic Skinfold Caliper. An economical choice to mea- sure subcutaneous tissue for body fat assessment. Spring-loaded arm assures reproducible pinch. Read directly from 50 mm scale. Comes with instructions and tables.
Measuring Wheel with Digital Display. Accurately and simply mea- sure distance that patient has walked. Easy-to-read numerals on digital display track measurements to 9999.9 feet or 9999.9 meters. Telescoping handle extends up to 34" to accom- modate any user, and a push-button memory holds last measurement until cleared. Choose increments of 1 cm or 1 inch. Runs on two AAA batteries (not included).
Lafayette Instrument® Skinfold Caliper
II. This 0–100 mm scale achieves precise mea- surement of a greater range of individuals. Spring-loaded arms and floating tips adjust auto- matically for parallel measurement. Circular tips enhance athlete's comfort. Never needs calibra- tion: tension spring provides constant 10g/mm2 over entire operating range. Durable reinforced ABS plastic. 5" x 6" x 0.6" (13 x 15 x 2 cm). Weighs 0.4 lbs.

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