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Measuring Devices Evaluation
Gulick II Plus Tape Measure. For ac- curate body measurements, each tape measure is individually calibrated, making it easy to repeatedly measure various body dimensions. The no-stretch, 5/8" wide and 120" long, retractable tape measures in inches and centimeters. Perfect for bariatric patients. Tape is kept at desired length until the retract button is pushed.
Jamar® Finger Circumference Gauge.
Measures as a direct readout of the circum- ference of a finger joint or digit. Transparent plastic ruler for easy identification of ana- tomical landmarks.
7501 Inches 7508 Centimeters
Gulick II Tape Measure. Individually calibrated for accurate body measurement that ensures repeatable measurements. By applying a constant tension, repeatable measurements can be taken. Self-retracting tape is kept at the desired length until the retract button is pushed. Measures in inches and centimeters. 72" long, 1/2" wide. 081542893
Jamar® Tape Measure with Weight.
A weight at the end provides a stronger, more accurate measurement. Button-on product allows for easy retraction when the clinician is finished using the tape measure. Unit measures up to 60" (152 cm). 081546209
Gulick Anthropometric Tape. For pre- cise circumferential measurement in inches and centimeters, and for progressive anthro- pometric exams, regardless of examiner's techniques. Spring attachment for constant tension and precision. 60" (152 cm) long. 5193 Gulick
081537778 Standard 60" (152 cm) Tape Measure with no weight
Jamar® Flexible Tape Measure. Plastic case with flexible cloth tape measuring inches and centimeters in bold black color on opposite sides. Tape, when extended, locks in place and releases with center button. Extends to 60" (150 cm).
Circumference Tape. To measure around waist, leg, wrist or digit, simply make a loop, position loosely and press button. Measuring tape will stay
in place securely, while you have two free hands to make adjustments and record measurements. Latex free.

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