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Bladder Scanner & Doppler Vascular Assessments Evaluation
ViewBladder 10. Tablet-based, ultrasound imaging system for measuring post-void residual urine. The easy-to-use device displays
an image of the bladder, allowing the user to calculate the volume of retained urine. ViewBladder 10 is a complete battery-operated system. Proper use of ViewBladder 10 reduces unnecessary catheterizations, lowers rates of urinary tract infections, decreases spending on absorbent products and enables your clinic to rehab more than 80% of urinary-incontinent patients in 45 days or less. Includes ultrasound imaging probe, ViewSonic 10" tablet and bladder imaging software with embedded training videos.
• Post-Void-Residual
• Incontinence Rehab
• Post-Operative-Urinary-Retention
• Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm Screening
• Tablet Based – Low Cost
• Quick, Accurate, Bladder Volume
• Real-Time Images
• BestAccuracy
• Embedded Training Videos
081563824 ViewBladder 10
081584861 ViewBladder 10 Carrying Case
See page 171 for carts for the ViewBladder 10.
New updated version now includes training videos
Vascular Assessment Units. Multi-Dopplex® II and Mini-Dopplex® include stereo headphones, ultrasound gel, neck cord, carry pouch and user manual. The probe contains a sensitive transducer head together with sophisticated electronics to gen- erate the Doppler sounds. Four probes are available for vascular examinations when ordering the Multi or Mini Dopplex. 4MHz transducer is used for very deep lying blood vessels; 5MHz is a general purpose probe; 8MHz is for examining peripheral/ superficial blood vessels; 10MHz is used for specialists superficial applications where very high sensitivity is required. Latex free.
Multi-Dopplex® II. This bi-directional Doppler is the most advanced hand held Doppler unit in the world. It provides advanced vascular and obstetric capabilities. Features true separated audio output, separated bi-directional LCD display, RS232 digital interface, waveform gain control, 5 level waveform calibration function, auto shut-off and active noise reduction. Latex free.
Mini-Dopplex®. Non-directional Doppler is a low-cost pocket unit providing all standard features of a traditional Doppler. Ideal for leg ulcer management and can be used with a wide range of vascular probes. Latex free.
Diabetic Foot Assessment Kit. Ideal for assessing the neuropathic and ischemic foot for diabetic patients. Allows clinicians to measure Ankle Brachial Pressure Index (ABPI); measure Toe Blood Pressure Index (TBPI); detect neuropathy. Includes Multi-Dopplex® II, 8MHz Doppler probe, sphygmomanometer, arm/ankle cuff, small toe cuff, 10 g. monofilament, educational video, ABPI &,TBPI guide, tube of gel and headphones. Latex free.

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