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C.O.D.A. Clinical
Assessment. By
Irene Campbell-
Taylor. Based on
ASHA’s guide-
lines, CODA
provides a base
for a treatment
plan, accurately
identifies the cause and facilitates management plans, goals and outcome measures. Includes brief overviews of the most important aspects of anatomy and physiology, chart reviews and an outcome-oriented summary form for tracking hy- dration and nutrition. Helps demonstrate effective management in client improvement. 90 pages in ring binder.
Dysphagia Cup. Drinking while tucking the chin toward the chest gives normal swallowing mechanisms time to work. Design helps prevent liquids from escaping at the lips and directs
the liquid to the center of the mouth. 8-oz. cup provides sufficient nose clearance to empty the cup without tilting the head back. Ideal following stroke and neurological injuries. Institutional; dishwasher safe to 180°F. Latex free.
A779100 Almond
A779101 Green
Reinforces therapist’s instructions to
client, family and staff. Checklist format makes it
easy to personalize
treatments for the individual. 50 sheets per pad. Each sheet is 81/2”W x 11”L.
Starter pack includes one practice sheet with mirror from each of the following: Oral ImagesTM 1 and 2, Voice ImagesTM, Swallowing ImagesTM 1 and 2 and Speech ImagesTM (one of each phoneme: b, d, s, r and sh). Oral Images includes an additional set of exercises developed for use with adults. Each set has 12 basic oral exercises to help strengthen mouth area for dysphagic clients. Helps specific muscle groups in adults with various neurological disorders, following head/neck surgery or with other condi- tions resulting in swallowing problems. Swallowing Images 1 covers exercises designed to increase lip closure, anterior, posterior and sublingual tongue strength, lingual sweep and intraoral manipulation. Swallowing Images 2 covers additional strength- ening, vocal fold adduction and laryngeal elevation exercises. Cards are all colored, heavy card stock, 81/2” x 11”; 3” x 4” mirror.
081504596 Swallowing Images 2, 10/package 081504638 Images Starter Pack
4151 Oral Images, 10/package
4142 Swallowing Images, 10/package
Follow the Swallow® Flip-Book. By Jo Puntil-Sheltman M.S. CCC-SLP. Flip pages of 72 large, color illustrations show the motion of normal swallowing and disordered swallowing. Text explanation also provided. Convenient size, 8” x 101/2“, on durable stock.
Dysphagia Diet Protocol
(DDP) Guidelines. Help
clients determine the me-
chanical soft diet prescribed
for them. These simple
guidelines have been pre-
pared especially for dysphagia
diets. In addition to soft diet, the
DDP describes prescribed liquids,
purée and mechanical soft diets. Each
diet outlines appropriate consistencies of food and foods to be avoided. The brightly colored sheets reduce explanation and instruction time and provide personalized diet plans to follow immediately after a swallow study or discharge from the hospital. With these guidelines, the dysphagia diet can be upgraded or downgraded with minimal instruction. It also helps improve consistency of dysphagia management. Each packet topic has 30 sheets.
Swallowing & Oral ImagesTM.

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