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Save money on a box of 500.
Speech Oral Sensory
Tongue Depressors. Adult-size tongue depressors are appropriate for retracting the cheek to look inside (6” x 11/16”). Not individually packaged. Pack of 100.
Non-Sterile Tongue Depressors, Box of 500 Tongue Depressors, 100 pack
Save $
on 6 pack
Lip Closure Spoon. Designed for individuals who have difficulty with lip closure when eating. Unique sloping wall design provides tactile cue for the upper lip. Encourages user to maintain continuous point of contact with the spoon surface as food is removed. Works well with both adults and children. BPA and phthalates free. 557126 Small
557127 Large
Rubber Massage Brushes. Made of firm rubber, these brushes are ideal for oral motor facilitation, stimulation and desensitization of oral tissues. Should be used under supervision. Latex free.
920723 Rubber Massage Brush, Set of 3
564163 Rubber Massage Brush, Value-priced 6-pack
Plastic DnZ-Vibe®. Designed to use ei- ther as a Z-Vibe® or as a Double Z-Vibe®; simply unscrew the Switch Tip and insert another tip. One end is sealed off from the internal components so that no saliva, water or moisture can enter from that end. Item includes one Probe Tip and one Switch Tip. A special Vibe Battery is included with the unit. Lightweight and easier to clean than aluminum. Contains no lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA or latex. 081683523 Grey
081566280 Royal Blue

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